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VPS.net Web Hosting Company Review and How it Changed my Life!

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Editorial VPS.net Review:

VPS.net is one of UK2 Group companies, and among the biggest brands in the hosting industry.


VPS.net Review of Features:

The main key of VPS.net for being successful is their implementation of the advanced amorphous cloud system that does not only make several internal redundant backups of sites which are hosted on their network, but additionally enables scaling, as well as choosing if you prefer it in the UK or the US.

The result of the above process is a range of inexpensive hosting plans with high reliability and flexibility.

How this process work: A VPS cloud is a network of computer systems which work with each other to intelligently share the jobs of hosting various VPS solutions. And in VPS.net case, it includes a cloud which covers many services both in the United Kingdom as well as in United States.

The biggest benefit of sharing computation tools and using an intelligent system is the ablility to deal with various server loads; which means there won’t be any failures if any of the VPS.net web hosting centres go through high traffic, disastrous damage, or even in the operation of upgrading. In brief, using cloud VPS web hosting is the most effective solution to guarantee the most uptime, along with a continuous back-up.


VPS.net Control Panel:

A lot of features in VPS.net control panel is automated, to enable the user for full control. You can include domains, IP addresses and VPS plans themselves, customized templates option, get a firewall, add in managed solutions, backup and restore is also easy.

The VPS resources have the flexibility to be scaled up or down on a need, with the addition of “nodes” – which are blocks of resources (each node is 256MB of RAM, 250GB transfer, 10GB storage, along with a specific CPU share).


Advantages of VPS.net:

1- VPS.net applies a new technology which is “VPS Cloud” in which they break their infrastructure into “nodes”. So, you can order the number of needed nodes with the ability of immediate upgrade by adding or removing nodes even on daily basis “temporary nodes” to handle quick traffic spikes.
2- Automatic backup copies at VPS.net cloud, which are daily, weekly, monthly and when needed. While with physical server it’s high priced (and even not simple to handle) back-ups.
3 No hardware failure with the VPS cloud, if a part fails, the virtual server boots on a different part quickly.
4- VPS.net provides extras like both unlimited SSL certificates as well as control panel Totally free to all clients.
5- Experienced support stuff that focus mainly on customer needs & continuous development in their services.
6- Load controlling between their UK and US cloulds.


VPS.net Support:

VPS.net offers 24×7 unlimited managed support, live chat support, phone and email support. A support forum, blog and FAQ’a is offered for all customers.

Also setup/migration support for new clients is available as well as re-config of scripts to work in the new environment.


Conclusion of These VPS.net Reviews:

Inspite of the high-quality of VPS.net’s services, their prices are inexpensive. It’s good that customers can buy only the resources they use when they need it.

So, in case you are needing a reliable server which can be upgraded easily anytime which also includes high security features, Then VPS.net is the best option.


VPS.net Coupon Codes 2011:

VPS.net may offer VPS.net promotions and VPS.net coupons from time to time, But these VPS.net offers are not present every day.

Even if this VPS.net coupon code not available at the moment, with all their quality features, their regular current price is still a big bargain which you should benefit from.

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