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All What You Must Know About VPN | How to Get Best trusted VPN

It is name shows that these webs are completely imaginative do not exist in the real world but it is very efficient and can do better than the common webs known around the world.

Being imaginative means that it needs real support and this support must be very strong and ready for any error. Here comes the role of the spider web that was and will be the fertile ground for any kind of effort.

These imaginative webs are the spider web itself but we must know the nature of them in the beginning, I won’t talk too much but let’s get started:

All of us knows that every sent data through the mail like the friendship mails for example turn to small packages having connected information collected by the receiver but through sending it turns to small parts for faster sending.

But these packages are not safe and could be lost because it go through 15 leap before reaching its final destination through devices of seconds of the intelligence levels called routers, the main task of this device is to divide these packages in the most safe way and control the channels it pass through according to specific information provided by similar devices so the package reach its final destination to the receiver without any loss.

For the spider web there are no losses in the information data but it is expected to happen if any of the devices broke down.


What is the difference between the virtual web and spider web?

Here we come to the security and privacy of information transformation by VPN.


How can we secure information in the virtual web?

Normally we secure the data by giving it unknown codes can’t be understood if it is stolen but this is not enough due to the great number of coding methods that can be hacked one way or another and we have many examples for this like the stolen credit cards to the programs stolen from its creators and many other examples so we need to follow so strong protocols created by known companies in this field

Here we have another problem that for securing these information by those companies must be sent from the source company to the securing one so it must be turned to small parts relying on many protocols that could lead to loss of information and the receiver will no longer be able to understand it so in this case we have to find solution for it which is provided by TUNNELLING company, the
solution was to send the data in ordinary packages inside coding packages that the outer packages could be understood for the receiver.


The components of the virtual web:

It includes three basic components the client, the gateway and target network.

1- VPN gateway: hardware and software

In many companies there are the local webs that are connected through the LAN and each local one has its virtual web that seems to be the starting and ending point for it, it also contains the gateway to reach for every client at the same time by using multi channels depending mainly on many HARDWARES.

The gateway has many tasks as it give orders, running the channels and transporting information on the web not only this but it is also do very important role in coding the data (ENCRYPTION) before sending or receiving it


The client does the same tasks of the gateway in addition to giving the access codes for the users of the web.

The client is the linking point so we have to be aware and careful that the sent data could be have viruses or be spied which could harm the web in this case there must be very powerful antivirus and fire wall to insure the safety of the web.

3- target network:

These webs give limited access for entering the web and reaching the data as everyone knows reaching these information transform it to very easy target so there must be defending methods

It also gives limited access for remote access clients that have the authority to reach these such data which is very important task to know who can reach it to decrease the damages for illegal hackers.

Now there is very important thing we have to mention that after releasing information from the web it can`t be encrypted so we have to be very careful.


Who use the virtual webs?

It depends mainly on LAN

Any company can use such webs to connect each other no matter the number of its branches as it is very cheap but you need to have supporting system like windows server 2000 or any similar system.

These webs also enables the mangers enter the internal web (INTRANET) and know about the work whether from home or anywhere else it also help the executive mangers to connect the web all you have to do is to connect your cell phone to the internet then you can enter as if you are in the company.


 What is Best VPN service?

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