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10 Valuable Accessories Each Fashionable Woman Should Own

There is no doubt that wearing valuable accessories plays a major role in increasing your beauty and enhancing your elegance as a woman every day and in different seasons throughout the year. The accessories that you wear are small in their sizes; however they affect the overall look and beautify you to look more gorgeous especially during attending the formal occasions. The world of fashion is always renewable and there are new accessory trends that are presented every year by designers to allow you to renew your look and to be always fashionable and catchy. In order to choose the right accessories for you and the clothes that you have in your wardrobe in this year, you have to take a look at the latest trends that are presented to you here. They will help you to know what to wear and what you should avoid for a fashionable and elegant look.

♦ Oversized jewelry pieces

Forget about the small pieces of jewelry that you have and start wearing those pieces of jewelry that are large in their size and also weird in their shape and design to look more attractive. Flower necklaces are hot for this year and you can opt for the golden accessories whether they are necklaces, rings or earrings. The leather bracelets are also among the hottest trends for you in this year and we should not forget the long chains.

♦ Fur & knitted scarves

Wearing scarves is not limited to a specific season making them essential for all wardrobes throughout the year. The hottest scarves for this year are those knitted scarves which are considered to be classic and there are also the faux fur scarves for more luxury.

♦ Long gloves for more warmth

Wearing gloves and mittens is more associated with the winter seasons and this is why it is impossible to find them absent in any year. The gloves of this year tend to be longer than the short ones which we used to wear. They are colorful and most of them are made of leather.

♦ Embellished bags in small sizes

We used to see those large bags that annoy some women, but now it is time to forget these annoying bags and opt for those mini bags that are easier to be carried and can help you to freely walk without being annoyed. The new bags that are presented for this year seem to be more valuable since they are embellished in different ways to look more luxurious.

♦ Gold chain & stretch bracelets

Wearing bracelets is common among girls and women, but what should you wear in this year. You can go for those stretch bracelets that are available in various charms and beads and you can also opt for those gold chain bracelets that add more elegance to your hands when you wear them. Large cuffs are also among the most noteworthy trends in this year.

♦ The big cocktail rings

Most of the accessories tend to be oversized in this year even when it comes to the rings that you wear. Those cocktail rings which are large in size and catchy are hot in this year. You have to bear in mind that these rings are enough to be worn alone without being paired with other rings. Cocktail rings are perfect for different occasions especially the evening ones.

♦ Simple midi rings

If you are one of those who like wearing more than one ring on the same finger or hand, then you can opt for those midi rings that are simple in their designs and can be paired with other simple rings that you like.

♦ Statement & simple earrings

There are two options from which you can choose what you like. You have the statement earrings that are large in their size, shiny and adorned with crystals but cannot be paired with statement necklaces. You also have those simple earrings that are small in their size and can be paired with statement necklaces, but are not catchy like the statement ones.

♦ Fedoras or floppy hats

The hats which are presented in this year come in different designs that you will surely like to be able to find what matches the clothes you have in your wardrobe and the different occasions that you attend. Wearing fedoras is hot for this year and they come in different neutral colors such as black, white and gray. You can also find floppy hats and if you look for the casual look, then you have to opt for the baseball caps.

♦ Gold, silver & leather watches

Leather watches are perfect for those who like the casual look and if you want to look more formal, then you can choose those silver watches or the gold ones which are more common in this year. You can still pair these watches with other bracelets for more elegance and sophistication.