Vaginal Plastic Surgery : The Facts and Fictions of vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Plastic Surgery: If vaginal surgery or vaginoplasty has improved many women’s quality of life, it is still too often ignored. Here, at last, the truth, myths, and reality about vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal Plastic Surgery: Myths and realities about vaginal rejuvenation

Use vaginal surgery or vaginoplasty is not a topic that women like to discuss openly. “They simply do not speak,” said Kristen Jones, who decided 34 years to undergo vaginal rejuvenation. “It is an approach that is held the secret,” she adds.

“The vaginal rejuvenation implies different things depending on what look for women that offer different physicians,” says Dr. Dean Elterman, Toronto urologist. In the past, these interventions were in the operating room on an anesthetized patient who is tightening the vagina with stitches.

Today, there are two types of non-invasive vaginal surgery performed with a laser. Before drawing conclusions, make sure you know all the issues. Here are four popular myths and realities deconstructed on vaginal rejuvenation and vaginoplasty.

Vaginal Plastic Surgery: The first myth, Vaginal surgery is for the pleasure of the other

“In reality, vaginal surgery is for the sexual pleasure of the patient first,” says Dr. Elterman. Generally, patients over 50 years old use a laser intervention IntimaLase named. It deals with the problems of pain, dryness or lack of elasticity of the vagina associated with menopause and the normal aging process.

The intervention increases the vaginal muscle tone and increases the sensations and sexual satisfaction. But sexual satisfaction is not the only reason women want a vaginoplasty. The other type of laser procedure, the IncontiLase, is for women who have incontinence problems. In this case, the vagina is tightened in order to provide better support for the bladder.

“Some women go to a specific problem (such as urinary leakage) and finding that they can simultaneously address other problems, such as perineal relaxation,” says Dr. Elterman. The two interventions or the IncontiLase and IntimaLase, show satisfaction rates exceeding 90%.

Vaginal Plastic Surgery: Another myth, Vaginal surgery is an extremely painful procedure

Reality: Vaginal surgery is completely painless. With laser vaginal rejuvenation is virtually painless. “No need for numbing or anesthesia,” says Dr. Elterman. Vaginoplasty is clinically in the presence of a doctor and two nurses. Inserting a thin speculum in the vagina, then a laser beam. Some patients may feel some heat when the laser along with the vaginal opening, but they claim that the discomfort is tolerable.

Vaginal Plastic Surgery: The third myth about vaginoplasty: the recovery will be painful

In fact, the recovery of vaginal rejuvenation is almost as easy as the intervention. For the vaginal tissue heal quickly, recommended to refrain from full sex for two weeks and avoid wearing sanitary pads or lifting a heavy object for a month. The doctor will prescribe a topical estrogen cream to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen.

As a vaginoplasty no longer takes 30 minutes, many women undergo surgery during the lunch break, says Dr. Elterman. “You’re back at your desk in less than an hour and recovery is instantaneous,” he said

Vaginal Plastic Surgery: Myth, Vaginal surgery intervention is not necessary

Reality: A vaginoplasty was not vital, but it can have a very positive impact on your quality of life.

Kristen Jones was afflicted with a severe problem of urinary incontinence due to the difficult birth of her first child with forceps and episiotomy. While recovering in the hospital, Kristen Jones says; she lost feeling in her bladder.

“I stood up and my bladder, emptied, she says. I did not even realize it was full. “Two weeks later, she refers to a physiotherapist for its urinary leakage. Through physical therapy, Kristen Jones has managed to reduce the stress related to her incontinence: “I could not run, jump or even sneeze, but it was still manageable now,” she added.

After five years of physio and second pregnancy, doctors told her that she had reached the maximum possible control. She always knew severe incontinence. The most simple things like holding her children in her arms or hanging in her classroom were causing leaks. She did not want to wait 15 years, eligible for the laying of a suburethral sling. Also, Kristen Jones has chosen to IncontiLase laser therapy that shrinks and tightens the vagina to better support the bladder.

“The operation went very well, she recounts. I felt a little heat, but it was quite tolerable. “After two laser sessions, she shouted victory:” I can finally run and sneeze with a full bladder without fearing the consequences. ”

Vaginal Plastic Surgery: Can we choose between vaginal surgery and laparoscopic surgery?

In most cases, one of two possibilities will emerge and explained by your surgeon. Indeed the surgical approach used depends on the type of pathology treated, specific anatomical conditions of the patient but also the operator’s experience.


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