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Many web hosting companies claims to provide Unlimited space web hosting. However, no matter what the server resources (hard disk space and bandwidth) are, they will always be limited and costly, Unlimited space hosting is a concept that doesn’t truly works as the name implies, the term “Unlimited” in web hosting language completely differs from the same term in the ordinary English language.

Most web hosting companies uses the term “Unlimited space” for their own advantage, clients may think that they will get unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth , But it’s not possible for any web hosting company to provide unlimited hosting as they costs the company a lot of money. The truth is, the web hosting company will later change the meaning of that term, which will be redefined and the new meaning will depend on the discretion of the web hosting company.

There are no way for any company to provide you with Unlimited space for a fixed price, the whole trick lies in the Terms and Conditions of the web hosting provider, those companies don’t clearly mention their restrictions, you will not be allowed to use more than a specific percentage of the server space , If you were granted this ability, you might consume all the space of the server, and as a result the datacenter will shut off the server as the company exceeds it’s limits and your website as well as the other hosted websites will go offline. But, the truth is whenever your account starts to consume more space; the web host provider will suspend your account with or without notice.

Web hosting companies that offers the Unlimited space web hosting service relies on the fact that the customers will only use a small amount of disk space and bandwidth ,the company keeps monitoring it’s customers closely, Once the customer starts to exceed his own limitations the company asks him to upgrade his plan or find another way to reduce his usage for its server resources and sometimes it suspends the account immediately, because the company will never take the risk of its servers shut down or the company go bankrupt.

While there are no such a thing called “Unlimited space web hosting”, most companies offers it because it is a marketing strategy to increase their income depending on the fact that most customers will never exceed the limits so the company doesn’t have anything to lose and if any customer exceeded the limits, his account will be suspended.

If you are running an online business, you will have to make sure that your website is online 24 hours a day. So, If you are thinking to buy Unlimited space web hosting you have to check the web hosting company’s terms and conditions very carefully to be able to determine what they mean by the word “Unlimited” and know if it meets your needs or not.


What is Best Unlimited Space Web Hosting?

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