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How to Get REAL Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

Bandwidth is amount of Files that are loaded to or from hosts utilizes internet bandwidth to push files along the network at several speeds. Every time you upload some file to your ISP, apply a sound application or browse the World Wide Web you are using bandwidth.

Bandwidth measures the volume of data carried over an internet connection. You’ve to  recognise how a lot bandwidth you demand while choosing web hosting plans.

ISP’s may place a limit on bandwidth (for not unlimited bandwidth hosting) some times during peak periods or bill you a  flat fee per month for bandwidth use. Whenever you go over the flat fee, then they bill you  additional for applying extra bandwidth. Some ISP’s will close down the transmissions till traffic  is more stable on the network.

Be careful once web hosting company claims they allow unlimited bandwidth hosting or monthly transfer. Anyone  claiming “Unlimited Bandwidth” is simply lying. There’s no such thing as “Unlimited  Bandwidth hosting”.

I have never come across any broadband web hosting company offer an internet connection as “Unlimited  Megabytes per Second.” Then, how could a web hosting company, which generally does not even have  its own access lines, claims to clients that it will give them “Unlimited Bandwidth hosting”?

Almost all the time, high bandwidth web sites on these “unlimited bandwidth hosting” plans will be disconnected, and  no money back given. Commonly, the web hosting company will state that the site violated its  Use Policy or Terms of Service.

If you visit a site advertising “Unlimited Bandwidth hosting” as one of the features, make certain to visit the accepted Use Policy, or the Terms of Service. Read the fine text on the so-called “Unlimited” disclaimer.

Once you look for web hosting services (those who tell clearly bandwidth provided),  you must make your best estimation and watch your usage cautiously in the first months. Take these factors into consideration while estimating.

**How many pages to be access?

**How many users will access your web site?

**How big are graphics and HTML files?

Big sound/video files, PC programs, and file downloads need more bandwidth. Flash  internet sites need tons of bandwidth. Virtual Reality (VR) and whole three-dimensional  audiovisual aid presentations demand the most bandwidth of all.

Though it’s not precise, but still gives you something to work with until your web site has  been online awhile and true traffic statistics have been generated.

Do not fall for the unlimited bandwidth hosting trap that some web hosting companies throw at you.

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