10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

You don’t have to settle down for ordinary lampshades when unique and stylish lampshades exist. Many lampshade ideas will turn an ordinary home lightening into something very innovative. Turn those boring and ordinary lampshades into a new and creative one. If you are thinking of switching up your house decoration, you must consider changing your lampshades. If you are confused about where to start, we have brought you ten unique lampshades ideas that are simply wonderful.

1 Bowtie Pleated Drum Designer Lampshade

If you are looking for some great lampshades that match your classical interior, then this bowtie pleated lampshade might be the best option for you. The pleats and base are made of silk-type shantung fabric, and it has a gold back lining. The drum shape lampshade looks perfect on a desk or side tables.

Bowtie-Pleated-Drum-Designer-Lamp-Shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

2 Paper Origami Lampshade

If you have a funky room décor, then this paper origami lampshade will go with it. This is a pendant lampshade that can be used with any hanging light source. Specially gifted abled people handcraft these origami lampshades. Origami unique lampshades look cool and classy simultaneously, which makes it a perfect choice for you. The folding pattern of origami lampshades makes it easy for you to play with warm lights and make your room more welcoming.

Paper-Origami-Lamp-Shade. 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

Paper-Origami-Lamp-Shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

3 Handmade Natural Rattan Lampshade

Decorating handmade rattan lampshades can be fun because it suits several different themes. Rattan lampshades look great with coastal-themed, retro-themed, and contemporary touch rooms. These rattan lamps bring more texture into the room. It comes with a hanging cord for an easy and hassle-free setup. Moreover, these lampshades are water-resistant, which makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Handmade-Natural-Rattan-Lamp-Shade-2 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

Handmade-Natural-Rattan-Lamp-Shade-1 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

4 Moroccan and Turkish Pendant Lampshade

If you are looking for some unique lampshades that will add an alluring design pattern whenever you light it up, then this Turkish and Moroccan pendant lampshade is the best for you. It features gorgeous and stunning patterns. These patterns shine whenever you turn on the lamp. Another good feature of this lampshade is that it comes in several color shades so that you can choose the best matching lampshade for your room.

Moroccan-and-Turkish-Pendant-Lamp-Shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

5 Spring Themed Lampshade

When it comes to unique lampshades, then spring-themed lampshades are the best option for every décor type. It features an attention-grabbing colorful patterned design that looks just perfect. It is made up of cotton blend fabric, which lights up the room stunningly. The final and size harp comes free with the shade.

Spring-Themed-Lamp-Shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

6 Shallow Leather Lampshade

Leather hardback lampshades pop up your room décor. The patterned leather unique lamp shades suit every decorative theme and interior space. These lampshades are suitable for accent lamps, table lamps, kid’s room lamps, and vintage lamps. Leather lampshades help elevate vintage and old-school feel, making it an ideal choice for those interested in vintage-themed décor.

Shallow-Leather-Lamp-Shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

7 Reptile print lampshade

If you are an animal lover type of person, then this reptile print lampshade is perfect for you. This lampshade is in solid black color. It is made up of faux leather with an embossed reptile skin print, which looks just perfect. It will look gorgeous with every interior design. This lampshade throws focused lights in upward and downward directions. A final and harp are included with the lampshade.

Reptile-print-lamp-shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

8 Multi-Color Embroidered Drum Lampshade

This beautiful and unique lampshade is made using polyester fabric. It features a beautiful multi-colored embroidered bohemian pattern with a black base. This lampshade looks gorgeous with any interior. It has a white underlined interior through which light does not filter out. This lamp throws focused light in upward and downward directions.

Multi-Color-Embroidered-Drum-Lamp-Shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

9 Mandala Leather Floral Lampshade

This floral mandala leather lampshade is the best for you if you are looking for a functional, artistic, and unique lampshade. It features a hand-painted floral-themed design that goes all way around so that you could appreciate the art and design from every side. This lampshade has a sheer design so that light can come out and produce a beautiful ornamentation kind of lightning throughout the room.

Mandala-Leather-Floral-Lamp-Shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

10 Almond Linen with Flower Lampshade

This unique lampshade is made from almond linen and features a beautiful fabric flower design. If you want to add a classy-looking lamp to your room, this lampshade is the best. It can serve as a statement piece and will pull attention toward it. The cute matching fabric flower adds chic elegance to the shade.

Almond-Linen-with-Flower-Lamp-Shade.-675x667 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

Almond-Linen-with-Flower-Lamp-Shade 10 Unique & Wonderful Lampshade Ideas

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