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Unforgettable Gift Ideas for Precious Moments

The right gift can leave a cherished memory for years to come while the wrong one can be forgotten as soon as it is out of the wrapping paper. You have spent time and money on a present, so you might as well make it unforgettable. It is easy to get tempted into picking what everyone else is buying because it saves time. However, a gift that stands out shows that you were committed to finding it and that is hard to forget. Imagine if you got a night sky map poster of a significant moment in your life; it would be memorable. Picking the perfect gift is not easy, though but a few ideas can guide you on what to look for.

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1 Phone Stand 
One way to make a gift memorable is to make it useful. In this age of smartphones and tablets, a phone stand will come in handy in numerous situations. It will hold up a device in the kitchen while the user reads recipes online. The person you are giving the phone stand to can use it to stream series while in bed without worrying about holding up the device. It also offers protection because it is hard to knock off a phone that is sitting on a stand. All these plus sides will make the gift an unforgettable one. You can find a customer phone stand made from a durable material like silicone. The stand can be engraved with a special message or have stickers of favorite things to customize it.

2 Mosaic Art Piece 
You can make a mosaic craft from pretty much anything and turn it into a unique gift. Buy mosaic glass tiles and glue them together into a flower, animal or other subjects. Recycle CDs to make a patio table by simply gluing them on the top. You can use mosaic to add a personal touch to the most mundane objects like mirrors. Take the time to find the right materials for your mosaic project. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with unique artwork that you can gift as décor pieces, souvenirs or items to use around the house. Find out what the recipient prefers in terms of colours, patterns and designs so that you know how to approach your mosaic project.

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3 Personal History Canvas 
If you possess DIY skills, you can make the canvas yourself. Alternatively, you can buy one and have it printed with the necessary information. The idea behind this gift is that the important date and moments of the recipient are printed on canvas. It is an ideal present for someone with whom you have a close relationship with like your best friend, sibling or parent. You can include unique patterns to customize the gift further. If you are gifting a significant other or best friend, the canvas can have details of events or moments that are important to both of you. A personal history canvas makes a perfect family gift because you can include dates that are special to everyone like when the eldest was born when the parents were married and when the youngest graduated.

4 Plush Robe 
One piece of clothing that you can never get wrong is a robe. The right robe can be very functional. It is not just for wrapping up after leaving the bathroom; it can double as a dressing gown to walk around in while laying in the house. A person who works from home will especially appreciate a good robe. What you can do to make it stand out is get the best quality. Find the fluffy kind that is soft to the touch. You can have the robe monogrammed with the person’s name or print a special message. If you are gifting a couple, you can get a pair that is personalized for the two like their wedding date or a Mr&Mrs title.

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A gift can reinforce a relationship, which is why you have to be careful when getting one. For a gift to stand out, it doesn’t need to be expensive, just appropriate and personal.

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