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How I Ranked #1 in Google Results using Ultrahosting Company Services!

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Editorial UltraHosting Review:

UltraHosting specialises in secure and reliable business web hosting. It has been around for more than 25 years and offers a full range of services from VPS hosting to dedicated / managed hosting and on to business server collocation, and all this at guaranteed lowest rates! The company regularly surveys the market and the competition to ensure that UltraHosting is able to give its customers the best options, services and prices. The primary focus is in ensuring that the client’s business succeeds by using the maximum number of features offered by this particular web hosting.



UltraHosting.com Features:

100% uptime guarantee for all plans is available through UltraSupport. Ultra Hosting is confident in always being able to maintain this promise because of the dedicated, highly knowledgeable and motivated staff manning their support centres.

The 150 plus support personnel operate out of exclusive data centre facilities which ensure the maximum levels of security. The Unix®, Linux and Microsoft specialists will troubleshoot any concern in a jiffy! Contact can be through phone at 1-866-98-ULTRA, or through email and online chat system called Live Help. The support staff can also help in suggesting the best plan to suit the client’s business needs.

UltraHosting.com offers the ultimate no nonsense price guarantee – they promise to always beat the competitor’s price. So it makes sense to go with an organisation that always delivers on its promises and on all fronts!

UltraHosting offers fully customised solutions, so the dedicated servers are very flexible. Their system grows with the growth in the client’s business and the individual can choose the most appropriate plan to exactly suit his or hers business needs at a particular point in time. Therefore the individual is covered for the present as well as the future. Through UltraHosting it is possible to upgrade or change managed dedicated web hosting solutions at any time.



UltraHosting Price Structure:

The basic managed services options offer remote reboot, facility to host unlimited domains with zero setup fees. Prices start from $ 19.00 per month. A more advanced form of this costs from $ 55.00 per month and offers 7 control panels, self management, Intel and AMD CPUs. The top rated plan in this category costs from $ 59.00 per month and offers, in addition to all the above, 500GB of high quality traffic, 15A per circuit as well as private racks starting from $ 425.

The Elite and Supreme Server Plans start from $ 75.00 per month and offer a minimum of 80 GB hard drives, 1000GB traffic, 512MB RAM and Intel processors.

The VPS Plans are priced lower, starting from $ 19.00 and provide a minimum of 256MB RAM, 5GB storage, 200GB monthly traffic and 1 IP address.

Details of all the plans and other options are available on the UltraHosting website.

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UltraHosting offers the best value for money on web hosting solutions for small, medium or large businesses. They stick to their commitments of giving the best, most secure cutting edge technology to their clients at the most competitive rates available anywhere. With these policies working continuously in the background it becomes obvious how this firm has been around for 25 years and been so successful. Makes absolute sense to join their bandwagon just now, doesn’t it??!!


UltraHosting Coupon:

Ultra Hosting will provide Special coupon Codes for Extra Discounts on its different hosting plans. Click on the “View Coupon Code” button below to determine if UltraHosting coupon code is currently available.

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  1. Ultrahosting is the worst when it comes to customer service.. Bad, Rude, unhelpful and fraudulent when they refuse a refund for services paid for but never rendered and hide behind their “terms of service” which says no refunds… Keep your money Stay away from Ultrahosting!

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