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Editorial Uk2.net Review:

One of the largest web hosting players in the UK since it’s inception in 1998, UK2 has hosted thousands of websites over a number of countries while also selling over 1 million domain names! UK2 is definitely one of the fastest growing entities in this industry and has remained profitable right from day one. Moreover, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Domain Names (ICANN) has accredited UK2 for providing .com, .biz, .net, .org and other such tags to all customers. UK2’s policy to be on the lookout for ever more improvements in their services has ensured a loyal and trusted client base whose recommendations have helped improve the business even in hard times.



UK2.Net Hosting Features:

Some of the highlights of UK2 include:

* Plans: A number of options are available for each individual. There is the ‘Starter’ which comes @ 2.95 Sterling per month, for a 2 year period and is for basic use. The other plans include ‘Home’, for regular users, ‘Business’ for small businesses and ‘Business Plus’ for key websites, the last costing Sterling 9.95 per month for a year under the Summer Offer.
* Websites: On offer are 1 for the Starter, 10 for Home and unlimited for the remaining 2
* Domain Names: Free for the first, 1 for Home and 3 domain names each for the Business ones.
* Traffic: Ranging from 1GB for the first to 1000 GB for Business Plus.
* Site Builder: Available to the last 3 plans but not on the basic one.
* Databases: Unlimited for the last 2, 1 for Home and nil for the first one.
* Credits: Google AdWord credits of nil for the first plan, Sterling 20.00 for Home and 30.00 each for the Business Plans.

Other UK2.NET Hosting Features:

In addition to whatever has been mentioned above, there is uptime SLA only on the Business Plus plan whereas Dedicated IP Address, free SSL certificate (worth 35.00) and SSH are available only for both the Business Plans.

UK2 has made some recent improvements in servicing their customers. There is a new UK based call centre providing 24 hours online contact 7 days a week and 365 days in the year. The new plans and packages mentioned above cater to the beginner, right through to the experts.

UK2 takes its social responsibility clause seriously and supports ‘No More Landmines’. This UK based charity funds communities under threat from such war related items. IN addition, UK2 supports Survivor Assistance and Mine Risk Education programs.



UK2.Net being one of the largest web hosting service providers attracts the best customers and has consistently met their challenging demands. Having survived the dotcom bust successfully and expanded its clientele UK2 can only be expected to grow in the future and I on my part would certainly want to be involved! The pedigree itself attracts a large number of clientele hooked on tradition. Positive word of mouth information about an affordable and efficient web hoster is going a long way to ensure UK2’s continued success story.


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