U.S. Food and Drug Administration ratified the medical adhesive to cure migraines

U.S. Food and Drug Administration  ratify the medical adhesive to cure migraines

  U.S. Food and Drug Administration


to produce advanced medical adhesive, help significantly in the treatment of migraine attacks.

The adhesive was named “Zakoicy”, which is fitted with a battery-minute work on the secretion of the property wizard to headaches, known as “Zumiterbtan” directly and accurately into the skin helps in faster healing and getting rid of annoying attacks.

The patch makers of medical effectiveness and speed in alleviating migraine headache pain, in addition to the side effects such as dizziness and vomiting.

The Lawrence C Newman, director of the Institute headaches PHASE in hospital “Roosevelt” in New York, that regardless of bouts Rift Valley painful experienced by many, and accompanied by a number of side effects undesirable, doctors need to assess each patient individually and provide treatments tailored to him .

According to the American Academy of Neurology, patients who should have symptoms of migraines, nausea, lack of medical drugs oral treatment because it works to increase the risk of vomiting and bouts of nausea.

Stephen Silberstein stressed professor of Neurosurgery and director of the Headache Center at the University of “Jefferson” state of “Philadelphia” America to treatments of these patients must go beyond the gastrointestinal tract.

The research confirmed primary medical performed on the safety of medical dressings safety and security when tested on humans.

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