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16 Ideas to Renew Your Home

          Home is the place where you rest your body and brain, so you have to renew it and make it interesting. You may escape from renewing your home because it will cost you a lot of money and you will need to set a huge budget for doing that, so you avoid doing it. Now you can do it with these simple and cheap ideas for decorating homes.

  • If you do not find a place for your family and friends photos, use a wall with a large space to hang them after deciding the way on which they will be put.
  • Change the place of the pictures hanged on the wall and put them in a new place and rearrange them in a way that differs from the previous one.
  • Collect all the accessories in your home and distribute them again according to the place that needs and suits them.
  • Use contrast colors or a bright color with white in painting walls and arranging pillows as for example you can arrange pillows in black and white3colors and they will be effective.
  • Change the curtains in your rooms and bring new ones that suit them.
  • You can change the paint of the whole apartment or at least the paint of one wall in every room to save money.
  • Change the lampshades in your home and get new ones which are stylish and suitable, or at least change the shades of the old ones for a new shape for them.
  • You can use big boxes for storing things in your bathroom or any other room.
  • Use pots with plants or herbs to give you a good essence and put them near windows in your kitchen.
  • Changing the small things makes a difference such as a new picture or vases with beautiful flowers.
  • Use colorful glass mosaic tiles or porcelain for new kitchen backsplashes.
  • Use mixed paints to paint your apartment as they are easily used.
  • You can buy the remains of the carpets from the carpet stores at low prices and bind their edges after that to finally have new ones.
  • Try to always have a look on the offers from time to another to make use of them as they may come to be free and will be taken quickly.
  • Use chandeliers for lightening and you can use more crystals for decorating them.
  • Paint the door in the entrance with a bright color and put a mail box near it.
  •    Use flowers, colorful pebbles and sea shells as accessories for decorating your home.
  • Increase the light in the room by using mirrors and putting them in front of the window to reflect light.
  • Renew pictures by buying new frames.
  • Change the faucet and sink for a better looking for the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Buy new slipcovers instead of the old ones after taking the measurements or buy those which fit many sizes.
  • Change the shower curtains in the bathroom.
  • Try to change the drawers and cabinets in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Use colored lamps for new effects and colored shades.
  • Use light colors in painting to make your flat looks wider, the dark colors will make your flat looks smaller and narrower than it really is

Now, it will be easy for you to get a new home without any cost.

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