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Trendy Most Popular Purses & Clutches for 2019

Purses are among the accessories that are necessary for women to complement what they wear and look more gorgeous especially on formal occasions. What makes purses perfect on different occasions especially the formal ones is that they are small in their size which makes it easy for you to carry them while walking without the need to care about their size or weight like other handbags which are heavier and are used for carrying many things. The most popular colors that are presented for this year are pink, minty green, baby blue, rouge, cream, tan, nude, grey, white, black and other fascinating colors that suit this season. Handheld clutches that are big in their size and are different from other traditional clutches and purses that we used to see are among the hottest trends for this year.

The materials that are used for making purses differ from one to another to find what suits you as there are purses which are made of leather that is the most common material for making purses and there are other purses which are made through using reptile skin or any other materials that can be found in purses. Metallic clutches that can be paired with metallic dresses or even metallic shoes as they are very common for this year. There are different new prints that can be found on purses and clutches such as floral prints, fruit prints that suit the spring season.

Some of the purses are embellished with beads, diamonds, crystals and other items that can be used for decorating purses and making them more fascinating to complement what you wear and to suit the occasion that you are going to attend. There are other purses which are decorated through using fringes and this is one of the hottest trends not just for purses and handbags, but for clothes also in this season.

Away from the traditional designs that are usually presented for women, there are purses and clutches that come in this year with new and creative designs such as those purses which look like chests, chess boxes, come with fruit prints, designed in geometrical shapes and other new designs. The new purses are also bigger in their size however they can be easily carried thanks to the handles that are found in them. All of these new designs and colors allow you to choose the best for you, what matches your dresses and what suits the occasions that you attend.