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5 Trendy Men Hats on Their Way

Since the last few years, hats have had their own word in the men’s fashion world. Nowadays, hats are not means of protection against sun rays. Even Michael Jackson adopted them back in his days. Not to mention how they let Charlie Chaplin’s freak flag fly.  Furthermore, the basic designs of men’s’ hats do not undergo many changes. However, every year, designers will offer new and catchy  hat designs. Here, the well-received Fashion Trends for Men.

1 Locked Straw Panama
Usually, intricacies in Straw Panama Hat make it imperfect for more formal use. New Panama hat has tight interwoven straws; it is given a more plain and classy look while retaining the original design. The black shiny band above the brim complements the hat and makes it the right choice for men wear in the next seasons.


2 New Fedora Hat

Classiness adds so much to the design. It looks like a locked straw Panama, but with a strong straw-like fiber that adds to its elegance. The flexibility of the trim makes it easier to wear the hat.


3 Color Blocked Bucket Hat 

Here is the color blocked bucket had a cooler and a funkier style. Blocked bucket hat was once famous in the nineties and among the nineties kids. Yes, you can wear it on the beach and at pool parties. Furthermore, blocked bucket hats and shorts are the perfect match for the summer.


4 Trucker Cap

It is a hat that will actually prompt you to be a trucker. The hat is a cool head wear. Tightly packed, neatly stitched finely weaved that it fits summers as well as winters.


5 Charcoal Puritan

The hat adds so much to classiness. This charcoal puritan is made of wool. Still, it is very flexible and light. This gray colored hat turns out to be the best headwear in corporate events. From the color of the design and of the style, the hat is perfect for all ages.


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