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8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home

When it comes to interior design, corridors are often overlooked. Though they aren’t exactly designed as living spaces, hallways influence the atmosphere of the rooms they split into. Your hallway can create your visitors’ first impressions of your rooms; therefore, you will need to make sure it communicates the tones and decorative styles present throughout the house. To create a vibrant change with little effort, you will want to play with bold colors, large objects, and wall decorations. Think of your corridors as mini-galleries: the perfect canvases to display your decorative flair!

1 FlowerPots Add Luxury

While flowerpots are often considered a garden feature, they bring a touch of freshness to a home. You can opt for industrial or metallic pots with muted tones like gray, black, and dark blue to balance out the bright pastel coloring of most flowers. Flowers like African violets are guaranteed to bloom several times a year with “little effort from you.” Small and bright, their vibrant purple coloring will liven up your hallways without encumbering your space.

hallway decor FlowerPots 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 2

hallway decor flower pots 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 3

2 Your Pictures Deserve Frames

There’s no better way to highlight the beauty of a picture than framing it with a strikingly colored or patterned material. Think of doubling up on your frames (placing one large frame around a smaller frame) with complementary patterns or shades for additional ornament. The pictures hanging on your walls deserve maximum attention, so don’t be afraid of golden or silver undertones for your frames.

hallway decor picture frames 1 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 4

hallway decor pictures wall 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 5

3 Going Back to School

Cynthia Bowman, an editor at Freshhome, considers black a hot interior design trend, because of its versatility. Chalkboard paint isn’t only super affordable, it also allows for your little ones to scribble all over it, or for you to write mementos to yourself. The black chalkboard wall is an incredibly sophisticated and bold look. Therefore, it can provide an edgy touch without additional decoration.

hallway decor Chalkboard paint 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 6

4 Striped Wallpaper

The fantasist undertones of black-and-white, striped wallpaper are very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. The strong, thick lines are guaranteed to catch the eye, and the two shades can complement any furniture. You can find temporary options online, and if you’re looking to mitigate the effect of your stripped wallpaper, consider installing a large mirror to expand the rest of the space visually.

hallway decor stripped walls 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 7

hallway decor striped walls 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 8

5 Pictorial Art Work Never Gets Old

The artwork is often a fantastic investment because it gains in value and makes the interior design of a home seem cultured, researched, and inspired. You can choose artsy pictures that speak to you, regardless of aesthetic appeal, and then work with a printer or graphic designer to edit and print them. Retro posters, such as for famous old adds, can add a vintage touch to your decoration. Because of their nostalgic effect, old-school posters give a homely, inviting feel to your hallway.

hallway decor pictoral art 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 9

hallway decor Pictorial Art Work gallery wall 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 10

6 Wall-Murals Are Cool And Creative

Painting an accent wall is a great idea to turn your entire hallway into a life-size piece of art. However, permanent paint can be costly, especially if you’re looking for a painter capable of creating detailed, quality graphics. Instead, you might want to create your accent wall using murals or other wallpaper installations. You can head over to to choose murals from thousands of designs of all themes and genres to transform your walls into amazon forests, starry night paintings, clear blue skies or pink cherry blossoms.

hallway Wall Mural 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 11

7 Clock It Up

Clocks aren’t just in; they are practical. Cool clocks can be found at affordable rates at local thrift stores, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a more striking, gallery effect, you will want to assemble clocks of different styles and designs on the same wall. For a more contemporary touch, you can have clocks pointing to different times, from the different time zones in which you have been or have created attachment.

hallway decor Clock 2 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 12

hallway decor clocks 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 13

8 LED Signs

LED signs were all the rage a couple of years ago — however, the sheer accessibility of this exciting, stylish technology has recently made it fall off most people’s radars. They nevertheless remain a super cool option, especially with lights that can be shaped into letters, which can be made to spell out your name, or a word you find inspiring. LED lights can also be used to border or frame other decorations, for instance, by lining the edges of a picture or painting.

home decor led signs neon light signs 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 14

Neon Sign Home Decor 8 Trendy Hallway Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Home - 15

When decorating your hallway, don’t hesitate to go bold to communicate confidence in your decorative choices. After all, as an entry in your personal space, your hallway needs to reflect your tastes, personality, and lifestyle.

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