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Most Trendy Classic Prom Hairstyles of Long Hairs

Long hairs seem to be much classy but they also become a problem. This is because long hair offer more versatile options and can confuse. Before looking at the most trendy prom hairstyles for long hair, just keep few things in mind. Always do something to suit the looks, facial frame and ease of setting hairs. For long hair wavy and straight hair matter a lot. Here are the trendy hair styles for long hair.

1 Sleek Bump on Hair

This is the most popular as well as easy to carry look. Front section of hair needs to be back combed. After this spraying the flyaways and giving them shine with a gloss gives more perfect look. It is a choice whether to keep flyaways on the back or to bring them in front.

2 Twisted Flower Crown

The look is indeed unraveled in term of uniqueness. Using a flowers crown actually beautifully complements the looks. Just take two hair bangs. Separate them into two. And then twist them around. After this adjust them with bobby pins. Inserting flowers with bobby pins makes them to stay there for longer.

3 Cornrow Braids

At first, it may seem to be a messy look, but it is a great way of adjusting the long hairs. Starting to braid the hair form left to right and going down to ends, makes for this look’s finish. This actually forms a French braid like look inside out. In order to secure them, one can tie them, with elastic. The braids can be left open if they are easy to carry.

4 Make a Twisted Mohawk

This style equally suits for short as well as long hairs. Here, one has to make the pony tails starting from beginning to the neck ends. Just start making pony tails and then secure the ends with bobby pins. In order to make the hair set at right place, use the hair spray. For long hair, style looks classier.

5 Ribbon Braid Prom Hairstyle of Long Hairs

This is a rather old style but does not seem to be much old in terms of effectiveness. Using a ribbon starting from forehead to the end of braid, imparts unique style to hair. The best thing is that ribbon for a choice of color can be used. It is optimum to use a ribbon that matches with the color of dress. The style is simple to make and easy to carry.