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Latest Trends: Best 27+ Bathroom Mirror Designs

Usually, people search for various ways to decorate their bedrooms, living and dining rooms. However, bathrooms are no less when it comes to capturing decors. When you make over your bathroom style, the mirror is a main parcel of the decor style you are opting for.

TheseĀ are 5 mirror designs for your bathroom to consider.

5 His-and-hers mirrors

This style is not confined in his-and-hers step-ups in romantic movies; in other words it is not necessarily to be accompanied with double sinks; single sinks can have two mirrors or more over them. This is the best alternative to one large mirror.

4 Broken mirror style

Your bathroom can be a gallery if you want so. Collect mirrors with discrepancies in size and style, then hang them on your bathroom wall in an organized, yet natural, set; one that gives you a sense of comfort without disturbance.

3 Luminous mirror

Have you ever seen a selfie with a to-die-for background and lighting? Tell me about the shock that struck you when you found out that it is taken in front of a bathroom mirror! Yes, bathroom lighting can be that cozy and warm. You can purchase mirrors with built-in lights, or you can add the lights yourself to the mirror you chose. Such mirrors are perfect for putting on makeup as they give you a detailed view of the your face. Make sure that the lighting is soft and warm rather than harsh.

2 Large mirrors

Large mirrors do not only look impressive, but also help you bring in light to the bathroom; of course it depends on the space. Further, adding frames to large mirrors give it special appearance, however leaving it frameless suits minimalistic spaces.

1 Vanity mirrors

Vanity Mirrors suit the Parisian apartment style. A vanity mirror is marked with elegance and luxury. It goes with marble floors. Surely you have seen them in old French movies of the fifties. The impressiveness of this classic style guaranteed it a place in interior design trends.