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Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon

Europe is full of gorgeous cities, and sometimes it’s hard to choose just one for a holiday. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, might make your decision that bit easier. This picturesque, coastal city is thriving with life, culture, and engaging things to do. Read our guide to know not only what to do in Lisbon, but why this Portuguese metropolis is such a delightful place to enjoy your vacation.

1 Plan Your Accommodation

While you may not be spending a tremendous amount of time in your pad, it’s nice to have somewhere that’s refreshing to wake up to and cozy for evening meals. There are plenty of beautiful boutique hotels dotted around Lisbon. You may want to bag yourself one in the lovely Praça do Comércio area. This iconic square is not only easy on the eyes, but also it is situated next to a river. Perfect for those morning views. Air BnB is also very prevalent in Lisbon, and these apartments are great for that unique touch.

Praça do Comércio Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 1

Air BnB Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 2

2 Sort Your Travel Options

So, you’ve booked your flight, but that’s only half of it. You will want to sort airport transfers to your accommodation to make your life that bit easier. Booking a rental car will be advantageous for your trip. This will give you more freedom and let you explore some of the further out places. Make sure you opt for the best car hire company in Portugal, for convenience and safety.

car hire company Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 3

A Road Trip To Europe Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 4

3 Things to See and Do

There are many sights to see in Lisbon. Here are just a few that will leave you with lasting memories.

  • Belém – Belém is full of things to do with excellent eateries and beautiful seaside walks. The breathtaking Jerónimos monastery lies here alongside the city square park Praça do Império. Visit The Berardo Collection Museum for contemporary art and the Belem Tower for an immersive historical experience. It’s more than enough to fill a day or two.
  • Museu do Azulejo – a.k.a the National Tile Museum. It’s more interesting than it sounds and is full of rich and intricate tile work.
  • Hop on one of the iconic yellow trams.
  • Praça do Comércio – We’ve mentioned it before, we’ll repeat it. This square is laced with incredible architecture and fascinating history.
  • Cristo Rei Christ Statue – This resembles Rio de Janeiro’s infamous Christ, the Redeemer statue. Just as worth a visit, the figure and the part of Lisbon it sits on as it overlooks the city across the sea are truly awe-inspiring.
  • Oceanário de Lisboa – a luxurious aquarium for all to enjoy.

Belém in Portugal Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 5

Cristo Rei Christ Statue Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 6

4 Night Life

If you’re on holiday, you’re going to want to let your hair down and venture into the night.

  • Pensao Amor – This velvet, the 1920s-esque bar, will have you feeling like you are on the set of a glamorous movie.
  • Rooftop bars – Lisbon has a variety of rooftop bars you’re going to want to enjoy. Visit Entretanto, Lost in Esplanada Bar, and Chapito A Mesa, to name just a few.
  • Lux – It is one of the most famous night clubs in the country. With two dance floors, a rooftop terrace, and electrifying music, you’ll have the night of your life.
  • K Urban Beach Club – Partying on a beach never felt so VIP.

Pensao Amor Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 7

Rooftop bars Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 8

5 Food

  • The Pasteis de Belem is probably one of the best bakeries you’ll ever visit. Here, you can try Portugal’s classic Pasteis de Nata, their custard tarts.
  • Bacalhau à bras, Petiscos (like Portuguese tapas), and Azeitão cheese are just some of the other delicacies to try.
  • For fancy: Try Rio Maravilla
  • For relaxed yet casual: The Decadente
  • For the wine and cheese lovers: BA Wine Bar

The Pasteis de Belem Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 9

Azeitão cheese Your Travel Guide: A Trip to Lisbon - 10

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