How to Train Your Dog

Ever wondered how to train your dog and set some rules in the house? Here are some tips and tricks to train your dog. Once a new puppy or a dog steps in the house it’s important that you start the training right away. Why training your dog is important? Because  trained dogs are easier to deal with at home or elsewhere, and it also helps to correct your dog’s bad habits. First you need to determine whether your dog needs a behavioral training or obedience training. A behavioral training means correcting your dogs’ bad habits like chasing cars, begging, and chewing furniture while obedience training is to train your dog to follow and obey some commands like to sit, come and heel.

Things you should know before starting:

It’s better to use small food treats as a reward for the training and always remember not to train your dog when he’s not in the mood or tired. Try not to be aggressive with your dog. Another thing to remember is to keep the training time short from 10 to 15 minutes as puppies get bored easily. It’s also better to train the dog before meals so as to associate the meals with the reward at the end of the training session. Finally be a good leader.

Now here are some training tips for basic obedience skills to help you get started.

  1. Walking on a leash

All dogs should be taught how to walk on a leash so you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable walk in crowded streets with your dog. First, you need to train your dog to stay in one side of you, preferably the left side, as some dogs keep walking back and forth or even circle you. Then you should keep the leash short so as to control his movement and not to allow him to walk away from your side. If the dog is responding positively with you start rewarding him for walking steadily by your side and gradually decrease the amount of treats given till the dog gets used to walk steadily at one side without treats.


  1. Teaching your dog to sit

Teaching a dog to sit is one of the easiest basic skills. First, let the dog sits on his own, then hold the treat in your hand and hold your hand high over his head close to his nose so as to make the dog follow your hand. The dog might spin around at this point use the other hand to push the dog from behind into the sitting position. Now say “Sit” clearly and when your dog sits properly give him the treat and don’t forget to praise him. You will have to repeat this over and over.

  1. Laying Down 

This one is a useful skill to help you control your dog’s impulsive behavior. Once you have taught your dog to sit, it is easier to teach him how to lay down. First make the dog sit and then reward him for following the “Sit” command – don’t forget to praise and to give a good treat. Now hold a good treat in your hand and move it close to the dog so he can smell the scent of the treat then move your hand down to the floor and say clearly “Down”. If the dog lies down to reach it give him the treat. Don’t forget to repeat this throughout the day.


  1. Crate Train Your Dog 

It’s important to crate train your dog to make it easy for you and the dog to travel together and go on a vacation away from home. It is also helpful to prevent dog’s destructive behavior at home. You need to pick the right crate for your dog not too big and too small however, big enough for the puppy or the dog to move around and to stand up. Now put the crate in the middle of the room where your dog or puppy used to stay and put a soft blanket inside to make a comfy bed for the dog then put a new toy inside and leave the door open. Give the puppy the time he  needs to come in and out the crate with the new toy then play with the puppy and the toy then put a treat in the crate. After the dog goes back to the crate for the treat shut the door for seconds then repeat this again and gradually increase the time you keep the puppy inside with the door shut. Don’t forget to train your dog to use the crate in a scheduled time of the day.

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