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Tourists Sharing Their Tips For Hawaii Travel

Travelling abroad and visiting new places is very exciting especially when the place is amazing .There are many fantastic places around the world that deserve to be visited and one of them is Hawaii. Hawaii is situated nearly at the center of the north Pacific Ocean. There are eight major islands in Hawaii and six of them are open to tourism. Hawaii is the called the big island as it is the largest of the islands in that area.

The weather in Hawaii differs from one island to another. The wet season runs from October to March and the dry season runs from April to September. The hurricane season in the islands runs from June to November. However, the weather over there is warm and fantastic.

There are two tourist seasons when the islands are more crowded and the prices are higher. Those seasons run from June to August and from December to February. So you can choose the time that suits you to go over there and to take advantage of the offers and discounts in the hotels on the islands.

In Hawaii you can enjoy natural scenes. There are beautiful beaches that allow you to watch the sunset view, whale watching, watching one of the most active volcanoes on the earth, renting a car and enjoying the beautiful scenes around the islands and you can also take bus tours or taxis as public transport are available on most of the islands. Hawaii is also a good place for the new married couples to spend their honeymoon. As they can enjoy seeing the dolphins swimming in the sea, watching the cliffs, waterfalls and enjoying the pure and serene water along the beaches.

hawaii-beach Tourists Sharing Their Tips For Hawaii Travel
hawaii-beaches-and-amazing-houses Tourists Sharing Their Tips For Hawaii Travel

It is easy to find many activities to practice on the islands which are affordable and not expensive. There are snorkeling practice, golf,  fishing, the sport of surfing, canoeing, hiking. There are also museum tours that are arranged for limited number of tourists which are totally free.

hawaii-see Tourists Sharing Their Tips For Hawaii Travel

Although Hawaii is relatively safe, you have to try to be safe on the islands. You have to keep your bags in a good place which is safe if you are camping on the beach and keep the valuable things in a hidden money belt. Women should not also walk alone in unlit areas.

Finally, if you are confused about the place in which you want to spend a good time, enjoy beautiful scenes and tranquility, refresh your self, practise different activities, then it will be Hawaii without any doubt.    

molokai-hawaii Tourists Sharing Their Tips For Hawaii Travel
where-coconuts-grow Tourists Sharing Their Tips For Hawaii Travel
travel-to-hawaii Tourists Sharing Their Tips For Hawaii Travel

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