Top 10 Wedding Photographers in The USA for 2020

There are lots of ways a professional photographer can help make your wedding come alive. One of them is to preserve magical moments that you and your partner will live with for the rest of your lives. However, you’ve got to understand the fact that not every photographer can meet your needs, which is why this post has been created. You are about to know about some of the best wedding photographers in the US that you can hire for your wedding. These are professionals who understand what it takes to make any wedding colorful. They are worth every penny you pay for their services. Just ensure to read the post from start to finish and pick your favorite.

1 KT Merry

KT Merry is one of the best fashion photographers around that can help take your wedding to another level entirely which you wouldn’t have imagined. Nature happens to be the source of her inspiration, and no doubt that given her past works, she understands how to meet the needs of clients. Her presence (0ver 5,000 followers) of a popular platform such as Twitter explains it all about her level of expertise.

Samples of KT Merry wedding photography

2 Lucy Cuneo

Are you searching for a passionate photographer about weddings? Do you know that very few can meet your needs the way Lucy Cuneo will be able to? Through her skills, she manages to create dreamy and romantic photos. Allow her to bring in her knowledge of fine art photography into your wedding today. In case you don’t believe, check out her Facebook page to get convinced by her number of followers (over 40,000).

Samples of Lucy Cuneo photography

3 Michelle March

Apart from ensuring that your wedding photography is professionally handled, Michelle March is also an expert in cinematography. She works together with her husband, who is a videographer. This makes them a complete photography team that can over deliver on their claims. Michelle March has earned the trust of her clients over the years, and a proof of this is the over 5,000 followers on her Twitter page.

Samples of Michelle March photography

4 Erich Mcvey

Erich Mcvey is a photographer based in Los Angeles. He has been popular as a result of his high level of skills in fine art photography. If you want a wedding where nature will be defined and expressed through pictures, Erich is the right man. Apart from his skills and reputation, he has got an impressing social media presence on websites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Samples of Erich Mcvey photography

5 Laura Murray

Laura Murray is a renowned photographer all over the world due to her past works, which are nothing short of excellence. She has an unbelievable level of skill in making weddings look more natural through her knowledge of fine art photography. It doesn’t matter if you plan to hold your wedding on a mountain, church or even outdoors as Laura will be there to make the event stand out. She has over 50,000 followers on Instagram, which proves her high level of expertise in wedding photography.

Samples of Laura Murray photography

6 Rylee Hitchner

Rylee Hitchner happens to be one of the best fine art photographers in the US. Her past works have been featured on various magazines across the internet and offline. She is highly skilled when it comes to wedding photography and can help to create those magical moments at your wedding today. She has handled lots of clients in the past, and there is no doubt that your photography needs will be met.

Samples of Rylee Hitchner photography

7 Corbin Gurkin

Corbin Gurkin is specialized in expressive image and photojournalistic style images. No doubt that she can add something really unique to your wedding. She brings candid emotions and real-life moments into weddings through her photography. She has lots of subscribers (0ver 41,000) on a platform such as Instagram.

Samples of Corbin Gurkin Photography

8 Tanja Lippert

Tanja Lippert understands the requirements of professional photography to the core even though she was formerly a model. Very few wedding photographers understand how to create genuine emotions as she does. Also, she has got an unusual passion for editorial photography. Most of her Instagram followers (over 8,000) like her services.

Samples of Tanja Lippert photography

9 Ryan Ray

Ryan Ray is based in Texas and understands completely how to make a wedding look natural through photography. This is because of his passion for fine art photography. He seems to be growing at an unimaginable rate around the US. Given his presence on a site such as Facebook (over 4,000 subscribers), there is no doubt that he will become a global force in no time.

Samples of Ryan Ray photography

10 Bryce Covey

Bryce Covey completely understands how to create moments that are emotional at weddings, which is why you’ve got to hire him today. He is great at creating those moments that are unforgettable at weddings even though he claims to have a passion for fashion photography. His Instagram followers (over 5,000) will prove that he is good at delivering top wedding photography services.

Samples of Bryce Covey photography

How to make your choice

Given the above wedding photographers who have been listed above, there is no doubt that you are confused about whom to choose. This can be very frustrating given that you want someone who will help to create those moments that you will relive all the rest of your life. Below are some criteria to choose from.

This infographics explains and shows the Best Wedding Photographers in the world