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Top 6 Ways to Make Extra Cash for Christmas

 Christmas Is Looming – Several Ways To Make Extra Money For The Holidays 

Christmas for most is a time of cheer, an opportunity to catch up with family and friends, and relax. Although Christmas usually is a joyous occasion, many do worry about funding everything that comes with it. Having to buy presents, food, and drinks, mean the expenses can add up. Luckily there’s still time to get some extra money together to take the pressure off this Christmas. Here are some top ways to make some extra cash over the holidays:

Consider A Seasonal Job

Many companies take on extra staff over the Christmas period to deal with the demand. Depending on your other commitments, finding a seasonal job can be a great way to get some extra cash together. Generally, seasonal jobs will start in November and run until Christmas Eve. Many of them do require some degree of flexibility, however, so if you have some time on your hands then you should be okay. Some people choose to work night shifts over the Christmas period to get increased hourly pay, and fit around other commitments they have in the days.

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With so many shops and businesses competing with each other during November and December, many will offer perks for choosing them over their competitor. Cashback is often offered on purchases with certain retail outlets, meaning you will actually be spending less than you would be normally. However, the cash can take some time to be reimbursed to you, so it’s a good idea to look around for the best cashback deals.

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Have A Clear-Out

If you want to make some extra money, consider selling your old possessions, or unwanted gifts from the year before. You may still have gifts left from last Christmas that are still in the original packaging. Just because you didn’t appreciate the gift, doesn’t mean that somebody else won’t. There are many online selling sites that allow you to sell your possessions for a small fee to buyers all around the globe.

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Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

You may be getting a new phone for Christmas, and if you aren’t, you may still have old mobile phones laying around the house. Many people don’t realise that you can actually get cash for old handsets. Recycling companies will buy old handsets to either use for parts, or refurbish and resell them. How much you will make from your old handset will depend greatly on the age, model, make, and condition of it. You can get an idea of how much your old handset is worth at Sell My Mobile.

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Become A Gift Rapper

Believe it or not, some people will actually pay you to wrap their Christmas presents for them. Busy people with little time on their hands will happily pay someone to neatly wrap their gifts. How much you will make doing this can vary greatly depending on how you choose to go about it. Some companies will actually employ ‘wrappers’, or some people choose to advertise their service in local classified ads. If you promote yourself well, you could be earning a tidy sum this Christmas to put towards your own gifts and other shopping.

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Enter Online Competitions

The Christmas season is a great time to find online competitions. Many toy companies will be holding giveaways, along with other retailers that may give away hampers and more expensive items. Some businesses may even give away cash prizes, or shopping vouchers to help with your Christmas shopping. Whatever the prize may be, it is likely that it will help you out in some way this Christmas. There are countless competition sites out there, for best results, choose competitions that require some effort to enter. These are the competitions that will receive less entries, meaning there is a greater chance of you winning. Many people won’t bother with the hassle of a competition that requires you to send in a funny photo or video, or do something creative. The harder the competition seems to enter, the less popular it will be among others. Therefore, it’s best to go the extra mile when it comes to entering online competitions.

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