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Top 10 Fashion Trends from Resort

Being fashionable is not easy as you have to always look for what is new in the world of fashion. There are new designs, colors, materials, prints and patterns that are presented every year to allow you to always renew your wardrobe. You may find that some of the new fashion trends that are presented to you do not suit you, but you will surely find other fashion trends that suit your taste and reflect your personality. Choosing the most suitable fashion trends for you depends on what makes you feel comfortable and the occasions that you attend. You may find that some of the fashion trends that are offered in this year are inspired by what was presented before in the past but they are presented in a new and creative way in order not to be boring for you. To discover more about these new fashion trends, we preset to you the following trends from Resort.

Fausto Puglisi Resort 2014 (2)
denim resort

Crop tops were common in the last years and they are still present in this summer to find more crops whether it is left, right or up. The pants that are presented to you in this year are very comfortable to allow you to freely walk without feeling that you are annoyed. You can find higher-waist pants with wide legs which are perfect for the summer season and it will be a good idea for you to pair these pants with crop tops which are also among the hottest trends for this year. There are also slim pants that come in various prints and patterns.

Resort 2014 suits trend

The animal and floral prints are among the latest trends that almost come every year as you can find tropical prints which are inspired by the flowers that can be found in Hawaii, Polynesian patterns and palm trees. You can find these tropical prints on your pants, dresses, jumpsuits, tees and rompers. Spots such as polka dots are also added to your clothes in this year. Adding webbed overlays and graphic mesh to your clothes is also one of the latest trends for this year and this is good for the hot weather in summer as you need to wear comfortable clothes which are made from light materials and fabrics. Miniskirts, light washed denim and ripped jeans, jumpsuits are all hot for this year.

Trend - Black & White Balenciaga Resort 2014

The length of the skirts that are presented to you in this year vary to suit different tastes as you can find miniskirts, tea-length skirts that can be paired with crop tops and maxi-length skirts with grand canyon. The pants also come in different lengths to find long and short pants that suit different occasions. There are many beautiful colors which are offered to you in this year such as emerald green, blue, orange, yellow, black, white, gold, fuchsia, pink and lilac to choose that colors that you like and match your needs.


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