Top Tips on Surviving Your First Family Camping Trip

Singing around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, and endless outdoor adventures are what childhood memories are made of. Your treasured memories from all those years ago can easily be recreated by penciling in some family time and planning a family camping trip. This inexpensive alternative to a package vacation is becoming more and more popular, which means there’s a growing range of products available on the market to help you achieve your desired outcome. The following are tips and hacks on how to survive your first family camping trip while having an awesome time meanwhile.

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1 Packing

Packing light is the best advice you can give someone who is planning a family camping trip. Filling up your esky is your first step. Use ice from your freezer to pack already cooled perishable products that you will then be able to enjoy throughout your trip. This will save you money on expensive take out food and allow you the freedom of eating whenever you please. Besides, packing a “back up” bag should the rain come is always a great idea. Fill it with coloring books, pencils, and a pack of cards; this will keep your kids occupied doing something fun regardless of the weather. Now the car is full of food, clothes and exciting activities there’s only one more thing to consider- Taking the family bikes along. Venturing out on bike rides is a fun activity that your kids will most likely love; Plus, it will help you save money on expensive theme parks. If you want to take the bikes, then investing in a bike rack is the best way to get your bikes safely to your chosen destination.

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2 Tent

The most important aspect of your trip is choosing the perfect tent for your family, and with so many variations on the classic tepee on offer, you’ll need to do some research before making your purchase. When doing your research, it’s key to consider more than just square footage or how many people a tent can sleep. Having multiple rooms within your tent ease the process of storing your belongings away considerably. Plus, it guarantees you a clutter-free space for comfortable sleeping and tidy space to relax in; remember that when a tent claims to “sleep 4,” then all that will fit is four sleeping adults and nothing more. If you’re family consists of more than one little person, then you’ll also be able to offer a room for each child, which means they’re more likely to get a peaceful sleep, therefore, reducing the risk of a tired and grumpy child the following day.

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3 Choosing a Site

With the number of annual family camping trips on the rise, there’s also been an increase in onsite facilities and options to choose from when it comes to planning. The first point to consider is the location of your site. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the wilderness or still enjoy some of your home comforts, there’s a site for you. If you want to teach your kids about the outdoors and distance yourself from reality, some campsites offer only basic amenities such as outdoor toilets and parking, and you’re in luck if this sounds ideal for you as most of these campsites are free. These sites are free, however, because the likelihood is that there will be no electricity or running water. If this sounds a little daunting and you’d prefer to keep some of your creature comforts, then no need to worry. Plentiful campsites combine both picturesque scenery and modern facilities, including electricity, running water and cooking areas with BBQs and fridges.

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Surviving your first camping adventure doesn’t have to be daunting if you follow the handy tips above when planning your trip. Considering these points will take the stress from planning and allow you to focus on what really matters- having fun and making memories with the family.

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