Top 7 Stylish Pharaonic Jewelry Pieces

Pharaonic jewelry; according to its name we can know that it belongs to the pharaonic era. The pharaohs were very famous of their precious and various jewels.  The pharaohs appreciate making jewels a lot as there were a lot of pharaonic pieces of jewels buried with most of  the pharaohs, which were very elegant. They made different types of jewels such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces using real gold or silver with gemstones and diamond. They made jewels for both men and women in all shapes and sizes.

According to them jewels were an art like the art of dressing or make-up. They were wearing luxurious jewels and clothes, so they used different metals and colored stones to make luxury and precious jewels from silver or gold. Red or blue stones were used by them in bracelets or necklaces, most of their jewels were in the form of scarabs. Cleopatra is one of the most famous queens of pharaohs, was known with her luxury jewels and colored stones.

Nowadays, this style of pharaonic jewels become very popular with many different designs and all women wish to own one or more piece of jewels in pharaonic design. Pharaonic jewels will provide you with an elegant look.

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