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Lajerrio Disclose Top 10 Elegant Jewelry Trends to Go for in 2018

Everybody does their best in order to look as perfect as they could. There are a lot of things that can help you feel good about yourself and, guess what? Looking attractive is one of those things. Simply, when you wear something that makes you look stunningly attractive, you will feel so much better about yourself; no matter at what level your own self-esteem stands. In that case, it will automatically surge. Besides, people will give you a lot of nice compliments and that is just a simple way for boosting your esteem. Well, your hair and your outfit surely play a great role in granting you all of this; however, it is all about the small details. People tend to underestimate the power of the accessories, just because they are relatively small. But, your whole appearance can be easily altered by a simple pair of earrings or even a ring. Well, if you are after exceptional jewelry that will leave people stunned by your look, let us assure you that you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get introduced to one of the best jewelry brands in the market. This list features the best 10 jewelry trends that you can get from Lajerrio. Check them out.

1 Emerald-Cut White Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Women’s Ring (500694)

This ring takes the first place among the best 10 rings from Lajerrio. It is made of silver and weighs about 4.48 grams. It also carries a stone shaped in Emerald Cut and it is made of pure white sapphire. It looks elegant enough to be used as an engagement ring or a regular one that you wear while showing up for a special occasion. It is available for only $143.95.

2 Gorgeous Princess Cut 925 Sterling Silver White Sapphire Women’s Engagement Ring (600338)

Here is one more silver ring that is deemed to be one of Lajerrio’s best collections and it costs only $127.95. It weighs almost 9.50 grams and the shape of its stone is a Princess Cut. Just like the Sterling Silver Women’s Ring, its stone is purely made of white sapphire. It is listed as one of the women’s engagement rings, so if you have already found your better half, you may want to consider checking this ring out.

3 Crown Round Cut White Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Women’s Ring (900258)

The metal type of this ring is silver; however, the color is rose gold, giving the ring a platinum appearance yet making it look simply luxurious and unique. It is shaped like a crown with a round cut in it and, like most of the other rings; it is made of white sapphire. This ring used to be available for $139.95, but now it costs only $91.95.

4 Luxury Emerald-Cut White Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Women’s Engagement Ring (500318)

It is pretty much similar to that ring listed as No.1. The metal’s type and color are both silvers. It weighs about 4.6 grams. The stone’s shape is emerald cut and it is made of white sapphire. This piece of jewelry can actually make a perfect ring for an engagement. Not only because it looks elegantly beautiful, but also because it is available for an affordable price for those who are worried about throwing the budget off. It costs $146.78.

5 Emerald-Cut White Sapphire Sterling Silver Women’s Engagement Ring (500323)

This ring looks very unique as it contains several rounds, giving the finger an exceptional look once it is wrapped around it. The stone’s shape is emerald cut and it is made of white sapphire as well. It also contains side stones that are made of princess cut and round cut. This ring used to cost $202.95, but now, it is, fortunately, down to $128.95.

6 Round Cut Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Promise Rings For Her (700228)

Compared to all the previously stated rings, this one is deemed to be the thinnest and the simplest of all. It is listed among the promise rings which makes it a perfect gift that a man could give to the partner he is willing to spend the rest of his life with. The metal is made of silver and it is colored as such while the stone involved is a gemstone that’s shape is round cut. The ring weighs 1.94 grams and it is available for $63.99, which is a great deal since it was originally available for the price of $115.95.

7 Round Cut Flowers White Sapphire Sterling Silver Women’s Engagement Ring (500322)

Are you a fan of thick rings? If you happen to be one of those women who like to get their finger wrapped within a thick, wide piece of jewelry, this ring is totally made for you. The metal is quite thick and made of silver. It also has an elegantly looking stone that is made of pure white sapphire and is shaped into a round cut and it weighs 7.43 grams. This ring is a perfect choice for an engagement plan. It costs $130.95 instead of $215.95.

8 Round Cut White Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Women’s Engagement Ring (500356)

This ring weighs 4.93 grams. It is made of silver and its shining color gives its appearance a luxurious touch. The stone that it possesses is made of white sapphire, just like the rest of the rings involved in this collection, and the stone is shaped into a round cut. The side stones of the main stone are also shaped into a round cut appearance, enhancing the presence of the main stone. There is also a ring that is thinner in width that comes along with this silver wide ring. You can attach it just at its bottom and get a whole thicker ring. What makes this ring really interesting and unique is the fact that it gives you the opportunity to choose your own ring’s thickness. This ring was previously available for $202.95, but, thanks to the sale made by this exceptional brand, it is down to $120.95 instead.

9 Emerald-Cut White Sapphire Sterling Silver Women’s Ring (600317)

Here is one more silver ring that contains an emerald cut stone. This one looks elegantly unique and it suits all women who have a fashionable sense when it comes to wearing jewelry. It may not differ a lot from the other rings when it comes to the features; however, its appearance has a bit royal impression that is not found in the rest of the rings. The metal’s color is silver and the stone has a visible shiny blue color. It is made of white sapphire and the shape is emerald cut. The weight of this ring is equal 5.35 grams. Its price went down from $168.95 to $104.95.

10 Princess Cut Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring (500400)

Let us take a moment to appreciate the amazing design of this ring. It is made of double metals that are attached to the stone along with a thin one in the middle that is tangled and intertwined with the whole ring, but it is not attached to the stone itself, making itself mobile. The stone that this ring contains is a gemstone and its shape is a princess cut design. It weighs about 7.5 grams. The price of this remarkable ring went down from $212.95 to $135.95.

This list is only featuring the top 10 jewelry trends that are made by Lajerrio. However, this brand has so much more collections and designs that are capable of impressing you as much. Check out their website lajerrio.com and get to choose from a pool of different designs and styles.