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Top 36 Fashion Trends You Need to Know for 2018

Do you still have space in your wardrobe and want to add more stylish pieces? Or bored with what you wear and want to change it? Every new year comes with new changes not just in our lives, but in what we wear as well. The countless fashion shows and famous fashion houses all over the world always present to us new fashion trends and designs to meet different tastes and requirements. Some of these fashion trends are really exciting, while there are others that are completely crazy and may be shocking for some of us. If you want to always look fashionable and elegant, you have to check out the latest fashion trends that are presented every year for women. To help you add new stylish pieces to your wardrobe, we have brought the following 36 fashion trends you need to know.

♦ Eighties fashion

Let’s forget those fashion trends that are inspired by the seventies fashion to move to the eighties fashion. Some of the lovely looks that you are going to find in the next year and are inspired by what was presented during the eighties include animal prints such as tiger and leopard prints, miniskirts, leather skirts, tulle layered skirts, turtlenecks, fishnet stockings, zippers on skirts and big accents.

♦ Pleated skirts & dresses

If you are looking for what makes you completely comfortable and allows you to freely move without problems, then you have to opt for this trend. Pleated skirts and dresses are perfect for different seasons especially spring and summer seasons for their hot weather.

♦ Oversized sweaters

It is one of the best and hottest fashion trends to be presented for fall and winter seasons in the next year. Those oversized sweaters are not just catchy, comfortable and provide you with the needed warmth. They can be also used as sweater dresses to be paired with thigh high boots or over the knee boots without the need to wear other pieces such as pants and skirts. There are several ideas that are presented here to show you how to use oversized sweaters to become more elegant.

♦ Fur, shearling & puffer coats

If you do not want to wear those oversized sweaters or like them but still feel that it is cold, then try these fall and winter fashion trends. Coats are presented in different materials and lengths for the next year. You can wear those fur coats that keep you warm and provide you with a luxury look. There are also shearling and puffer coats that appeared in different fashion shows around the world and also come in different lengths to suit various needs and requirements.

♦ Leather in everything & everywhere

Leather is one of the best and most loved materials and this is why you can find it in almost all fashion shows. It is perfect for different seasons but highly needed in fall. It is used in various cuts and designs for creating several fashionable pieces to wear and make women more gorgeous. You can find leather skirts, leather pants, leather coats, cropped leather tops, leather dresses and even leather hoodies for adding a catchy look. There are also leather biker jackets that are very hot for the next year.

♦ Patent leather

In addition to the traditional look and type of leather that we know and usually wear, there is also patent leather that comes as a top fashion trend for the coming year. Patent leather is presented with a glossy and shiny finish making it perfect for those who want to be catchier and attract more attention. Patent leather is available in various colors, but black and brown are the most common colors.

♦ Satin, velvet & suede

Satin, velvet and suede are among the hottest materials to be found in the next year. Soft materials such as satin and velvet can make you more gorgeous and provide you with the luxurious look that you need. They can be found in a wide variety of creative designs and embellishments to suit different tastes. Velvet appeared in simple cuts in several fashion shows and it was also seen with creative prints and embroideries for a catchier look. Suede was seen in 2015 and continues to be present in the next year. It is soft like velvet but is believed to be more practical.

♦ Mesh & lace

If you want lighter materials that suit hot weather and can be worn in spring and summer seasons, then you have to go for those mesh and lace outfits. Mesh, lace and other transparent materials are among the most noteworthy fashion trends to be found in the next year. Those transparent or see-through materials are not just light and allow you to freely move in hot weather. They are also perfect for showing the beauty of your body. To increase your beauty, try those embroidered transparent gowns and other outfits.

♦ Playing with shoulders

Single shoulder or asymmetrical shoulders and off the shoulder dresses and outfits are all presented to women for the next year to give them a feminine look. There is also the big shoulders fashion trend that is inspired by those fashion trends of the past specifically the eighties fashion. Big shoulders will be found in coats, tops, dresses, and jackets. So, what do you think of these trends? Do you like them?

Other fascinating fashion trends you are going to find in the next year include many layers, lurex dresses, metallic looks, midi hems, pinstripe suits, chinoiserie motifs trend, cropped pants and culottes, pussy-bow tops and dresses, denim, very long coats, sequined outfits, matching outwear, turtlenecks, high waists, ankle cropped pants, laced up detailing trend, lots of fringe, cross body fur stoles, statement capes, cut outs, wraparound look, military style, long sleeves, pierced clothing, quotes on clothes, lots of ruffles and frills, large collars and capelets.

Catchy metallic looks

Fascinating lurex dress
Amazing pantsuits

Elegant cropped pants & culottes

Fabulous pussy-bow tops & dresses
Catchy sequined dresses

Stylish slits over the thighs
Cut outs for a gorgeous look

Lovely high waist ankle cropped pants
Laced up detailing fashion trend
Fashionable wraparound look
Fascinating military look
Lots of ruffles and frills

Catchy & elegant fringes

Unique big shoulders
Modern Chinese look “chinoiserie motifs”

Cross body fur stoles for a luxurious look

Which fashion trends do you like the most?


Which fashion trend do you hate?