Top 7 Decoration and Update Ideas for a Bathroom

Most homebuyers may love the allure of beautiful and fresh bathrooms, which will remind them of soothing spas or luxurious hotels. For this reason, buyers will check the listings in real estate platforms like Movoto to choose a property with an envisioned bathroom. Therefore, homeowners need to come up with decoration and update ideas that will ensure they transform the appearance of their bathrooms. Some of these ideas include the following.

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1 Refresh the Room with Paint

Bathrooms are important rooms to allow you to apply your personal style, and nothing will beat the freshness of these rooms like using new paint. Painting a bathroom can be a simple do it yourself (DIY) project that you can handle over the weekend. However, for good results, you will need to apply the best color. You can achieve this by picking up a few samples and try them out on your walls to see how they will look.

In addition, you will have to gather important materials to help you carry out the project. Some of the basic materials you may gather are:

  • A tray
  • Painters tape
  • Sandpaper
  • A roller
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Flathead screwdriver

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2 Use Wall Arts

Putting wall arts in your bathroom can establish a sense of beauty and thoughtfulness. They can also transform your bathroom from a functional space to something, which you can look forward to. For example, you can apply dark colors that are featured with different prints of hot-air balloons. When applying this artwork, you can also combine the dark colors with animal suitcase and rug to give your room an amazing travel theme.

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3 Upgrade Faucets

Mostly, faucets in bathrooms serve as unsung focal points. Every activity that happens in bathrooms revolves around sinks, so faucets are a special jewel. If you have malfunctioning or old faucets, you can replace them with quality ones.

The modern metallic finishes and stylish designs of most faucets provide bathrooms with dramatic visuals and may help to conserve water. Moreover, faucets with oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, or brushed nickel can offer you a conventional and contemporary styling.

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4 Change the Flooring

When changing your bathroom’s flooring, it would be best to consider the floor, which will perform well under stress. The type of stress that it should handle is water. However, water should not be the only factor to influence your choice – you should also consider other factors, such as appearance, ease of installation, durability, and cost.

Laminate flooring is an example of a floor that has met all these factors. This flooring is far much better when compared to solid hardwood. This is because laminate flooring has tight seams that make it hard for water to penetrate. Though, you can consider installing other floorings, like:

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5 Improve Storage

Nothing makes bathrooms feel smaller like many clutters, especially when the surface is overrun by shaving supplies, bobby pins, cosmetics, and toothbrushes. Whether it is a master bathroom or a shared room, installing shelves can ensure you have a functional and clean space. It is easy to install shelves, and you can use them to cut down the total number of clutters. You may also consider installing floating shelves to keep more supplies, such as toilet papers and cotton swabs.

Alternatively, you may set up a decorative ladder. It can perfectly fit your bathroom corner and may look great with a decorating design, especially in Scandinavian-influenced and Shabby Chic bathrooms. Some decorative ladders come with wide shelves, which you can use to organize things like books, washed clothes, magazines, and hanging towels.

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6 Add Flowers

Sprucing your bathroom with flowers can be a great way to improve its general ambiance. However, flower arrangements in bathrooms don’t equate to randomly placing your flowers in a pot or vase. Decorating your bathroom with flowers can be challenging, but the results are glamorous. The challenge does not revolve around the growth of flowers alone. It can also be associated with a lack of natural light and the presence of high humidity or warm temperatures from a hot shower. This is why you need to research thoroughly to know the best flowers that can cope with these conditions.

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7 Update Rugs

Water dripping off your body and steamy shower is bound to make rugs wet. This humid surrounding allows mold and mildew to spread and grow. Mold like Trichoderma and Cladosporium may aggravate allergies or cause illnesses like asthma. Thus, it would be vital to update your rugs more often to avoid putting your health at risk. Examples of rugs you can buy for your bathroom are:

  • Toweling mat
  • Bath rug
  • Contour toilet mat

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 The Bottom Line 

Bathrooms play an important role for many homeowners. Mostly, they are the first rooms to stumble into at the start of the day, and probably the last to visit before you retire for the night. For this reason, it’s important to put your decoration and update ideas to ensure you have a comfy and relaxing bathroom.

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