Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids

Most of the websites on the internet aim to address adults. This means getting a website that targets the interest of kids is quite difficult. In this post, Pouted U.S. online magazine reveals some of the free learning websites for kids. Although some are paid, they still have some free resources to explore.

1 Code Monster

Do you have kids that are very passionate about app development? If that is the case, a website like Code Monster will be quite helpful. It is easy to employ in learning different codes. For instance, there are two boxes. One is used in writing codes, while the other will be showing what such code means.

Crunchzilla code monister screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 1

2 Plainmath

Plainmath is a fantastic non-profit math encyclopedia and a popular platform among students. There you can find many unsolved math problems and get solutions to them. Also, anyone can contribute to the platform and maintain the education process, so students can understand and learn perfectly.

plainmath Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 2

3 Brighterly

Brighterly is an awesome online platform that makes learning math a breeze. With its cool features and user-friendly interface, it’s a great resource for kids and students looking to conquer math challenges. Say goodbye to boring math lessons and hello to fun and interactive learning with Brighterly!

brighterly Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 3

4 Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a site that your kids will find fascinating due to its design. Kids will watch videos and play games, which can help them learn more about animal sounds, letters, colors, rhymes, and many others.

kids website screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 4

5 Multiplication Games

Knowledge is very important for kids that want to be technology-inclined in the future. There is no other better place to allow your kids to learn mathematics. They will learn about decimals and Multiplication Games. This site is perfect for kids of all ages.

multiplicationgames Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 5

6 National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is the perfect website where kids can fascinatingly learn a lot about animals. They have the chance to learn about nature firsthand. Imagine your kids learning facts about animals. There are video clips and games to make them have the best of times.

National Geographic kids screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 6

7 Star Fall

Star Fall is an educational website that has been operating since the year 2002. Its target audience is kids from various countries. Apart from the comics on this site, there are also nonfiction books, plays, and others. Your kids will be having fun while learning.

starfall screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 7

8 Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is a website that has been brought into existence by Apple. It is a website which is existing to teach kids the easiest ways of coding. With this site, coding can be fun. Students will be solving puzzles to master the Apple programming language.

swift playgrounds Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 8

9 How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works is a website that will help to answer lots of questions your kid may be having at the moment. It could be questions such as “why time zones are different among countries,” “the major causes of rainfall,” “what is responsible for earthquake,” and more. There are various articles that have been posted here in different categories such as technology, finance, culture, science, and entertainment.

How Stuff Works screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 9

10 Fun Brain

Fun Grade is another top site to explore. There are different activities based on grade (1st-8th grade). There are also activities for kids in Pre-K & Kindergarten. This site has lots of games, books, and videos that can help your kid develop academically. Just as the name sounds, it is meant for kids’ cognitive development in a fun way.

Fun brain screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 10

11 Scholastic

Scholastic is another great learning website for kids. The activities that are displayed here are categorized into different grades. There are activities for Pre-K children. Kids can make comics of their own, connect with other kids, read books and play games. It is a complete website indeed.

scholastic screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 11

12 Google

Most people aren’t aware that Google is a great platform where kids can learn a lot. These are educational resources that your kids will find interesting. Google experiment is a typical example that has games and other activities.

education classroom kids Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 12

13 The Science Spot

Are you teaching any of the science subjects? The truth is that it can be very complicated trying to figure out the sequence your lessons should follow. This is capable of making your students not to understand the subject matter. With a site like The Science Spot, such a challenge can be overcome. This is because it helps to reveal the perfect activities and lesson plans for science topics.

The Science Spot screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 13

14 Gooru

Gooru is a truly helpful website that has been created to enable kids to become very fast learners. In other words, its major aim is how learning can be improved amongst individuals. There are cutting-edge tools on the ground to make this happen.

Gooru screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 14

15 Edutopia

The major focus of Edutopia is on helping students to become better academically. There is no doubt that your kid will definitely find this website to be very helpful. This is because there are lots of resources like videos, posts, articles, and more.

Edutopia screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 15

16 Good Ear

A proper understanding of notes in music is crucial. There is no better place to learn about such than Good Ear. This resourceful website will make a difference in the lives of kids who are very passionate about music. It has virtual ear training that will enable an easy understanding of the differences between notes.

kid learning the music notes Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 16

17 DIY

DIY is a community where kids are shown how to learn skills that are new. If you’ve got a kid that is very passionate about trying something new and different, DIY is the right place to be. There are thousands of projects available with instructional videos. The best part about this site is the fact that there is a free trial available. This means your kid can test out some of its resources.

DIY screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 17

18 Science Bob

In case you are searching for the right platform to teach your kid about science, there is no need for such. This is because, with a site like Science Bob, such can be done without stress. This website is one of the best for kids who plan to delve into the field of science. There are various sections for different activities such as research, Q&A, and experiments.

science bob screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 18

19 BBC History for Kids

This is an adventurous website that has been designed to help kids have a great time while exploring its top content and resources. There are quizzes, games and other activities to keep kids busy. Kids don’t only acquire knowledge as they also have fun. It is more like a learning adventure where your child has the chance to study other countries and their ancient practices.

BBC screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 19

20 Highlights for Kids

Highlights for Kids is a website that has been existing for a long time. Children can craft, read, and play using this site. There are art activities, science experiments, animated stories, and games that kids can explore in this site. The animated stories are just fascinating, and your kids will find them engaging.

highlights kids Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 20

21 Learning Games for Kids

Games are a great way to make kids creative. There is no other place to find various types of games for your kid than the Learning Games for Kids website. The games available here are numerous. You will find them on various subjects such as science, spelling, literature, vocabulary, brain, social studies, and art.

learning games for kids screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 21

22 Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids

This website offers something new for kids, which makes it one of the most interactive and engaging. There are puzzles, riddles, history facts, weather conditions, and more. Its daily questions are also worth mentioning. They show that the content is regularly updated.

Farmers Almanac kids screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 22

23 Scratch

Scratch is a website which has been designed to target children between the age of 8 and 16. It is a place that helps kids develop programming knowledge. The most amazing part is that there are no codes to be written as kids are only expected to get scratch blocks snapped. Anything can be built with this idea.

scratch screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 23

24 TedEd

The concept of TedEd is simple and powerful. It is probably why it has been one of the most preferred websites for kids in recent times. If your kid has a unique idea, TedEd makes it possible for it to be spread across the globe. It means that others can benefit from such an idea. There are also lots of resources for kids of different grades.

tedEd website screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 24

25 Disney Jr.

If your kids love Mickey and friends, there is every chance they will appreciate what the concept of Disney Jr. is basically all about. For instance, there are videos that tend to focus on helping kids develop their minds. These could be color matching, hand-eye coordination, memory development, and more.

Disney screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 25

26 Time for Kids

Time for Kids is a news website that targets kids with lots of news stories. The stories here are categorized based on kids’ levels and topics. The website will help to engage, empower and inspire your kids towards greater heights in life.

Times for kids Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 26

27 Grammar Bytes

In case your kid is having some difficulty with grammar, this is one website that can solve such a challenge. There are multiple-choice activities to help students get their grammar accuracies tested. There are cheesy virtual prizes through which students are rewarded.

Grammar Bytes screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 27

28 Pixton

Kids love cartoons a lot but don’t know how they are created. With Pixton, your kid has the chance of creating cartoons. These can be stored on the website too. The resources on this site are worth mentioning. For instance, there are tools to make the cartoons more appealing.

Pixton screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 28

29 Geoguessr

With a site like Geoguessr, the geography skills of your kid will be put to test. It is done by asking them questions about the locations of people. It has daily challenges that are perfect for every kid. Geoguessr makes kids have access to another type of game which is innovative and challenging. The best part is that it helps them know locations.

highlights kids Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 20

30 Exploratorium

There are lots of science websites for kids. However, Exploratorium seems to be steps ahead of others given the resources that it makes available for kids who are very passionate about the field of science and arts. This is a modern website that tries to add a new twist to how science should be learned. Your kids will definitely have a great time exploring this site.

exploratorium screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 30

31 iCivics

Just as the name sounds, this website is basically about civics. The games which are available to be played here are of very high quality. It is a great site not just for kids and students but also for teachers. Its materials are inventive when it comes to inspiring civic learning. It is a free website that your kids can start exploring today.

iCivics screenshots Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 31

32 Math is Fun

The Math is Fun website is popularly known as a math dictionary by lots of people online. The resources on display here are related to math. They can be used by teachers and kids which is quite fascinating. Difficult concepts can be easily understood using its dictionary.

Math is Fun screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 32

33 Storyboard That

With a website such as Storyboard That, your kids can easily create storyboards without any special knowledge or skills. It is a platform that is important when it comes to showing kids how they can communicate visually.

Storyboard That screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 33

34 Numberphile

If your kid finds math challenging, Numberphile can be the solution. This is a creative website given that it has been created to help kids develop their math abilities. Math topics that are complex can be solved easily. The best part is that it is fun too.

Numberphile screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 34

35 Science Made Simple

This is an interesting website that will help your kids have an idea about the world of science. It helps to reveal basic facts on science topics/ideas, experiments, and other projects. Science Made Simple is a website that helps kids to develop their science potentials at an early stage in life.

Science Made Simple screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 35

36 Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids is a music website that will help your kid understand everything about music. These could be terminologies, famous composers, etc. It is also a helpful website for music teachers.

Classic for kids screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 36

37 KidsHealth

With a website like this, you are bringing your kids into the world of hygiene. This website reveals facts about their bodies as well as general health. There are lots of articles about health-related topics for kids. These could be topics on puberty, lungs, the brain and more.

Kids Health screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 37

38 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a knowledge acquiring platform where there are lots of articles covering various topics. The best part is that it has sections for different grades of students. These range from kindergarten to college. There are topics related to history, science, grammar, math and more. Its resources are very helpful to those preparing for exams.

Khan Academy screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 38

39 EdX

The best part about EdX is the fact that it is a non-profit website. This means it can be accessed by anyone. It is a site that addresses the needs of students who want to be part of modern technology. There are over 2,000 courses to access. The number of learners in its database seems to be increasing on a monthly basis. This is a perfect place for institution students.

edx screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 39

40 Coursera

The learners on this platform are over 30 million. This website gives students the chance to learn their dream courses. You can decide to sign up for free or paid courses, depending on your budget. The best part about Coursera is that upon the completion of a course, you will be awarded a certificate.

Coursera website screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 40

41 PE Central

PE Central is a website that has been developed to meet the needs of Physical Education enthusiasts. It is not just for kids as teachers can also develop their skills by using the materials that the site offers. There are resources such as lesson plans and assessment ideas.

PE Central screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 41

42 Primary Games

Do you want a site with educational games for your kids? Primary Games tick all of such boxes as its games are engaging and highly educational. They will bring out the creativity in your kids once explored. These are fun and kid-friendly games.

Primary Games screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 42

43 DOGO News 

The great part about DOGO News is that it can help to inspire kids to start thinking about how to contribute their own quota towards the development of their respective societies. DOGO News helps to share news stories that are about kids achieving great things. The website is fun to explore given its different sections.

DogoNews screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 43


When it comes to the idea of homeschooling, most parents are skeptical about giving it a try. However, with the quality of resources offered by Homeschool, you won’t get it wrong. This website will educate you on the topic of homeschooling. There are lots of high-quality articles that you can explore. You will also find some freebies on the site.

Home School website screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 44

45 Brainly

With a platform such as Brainly, existing children have the opportunity of asking and answering questions. It operates the same way as Yahoo, Reddit, and other related websites. The only difference is that it has been designed for students and teens.

brainly screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 45

46 Beestar

Beestar is a site where kids can test their knowledge on various math topics and exercises. You can sign up and register your kid for competition against other kids. There is also a free account to test out what this website has to offer.

Beestar screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 46

47 Education Week

Education Week is a news website for kids. The newspapers that are published weekly are about topics related to education. This website is free to access. It gives your kids the chance to know what is happening around the world.

education week screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 47

48 Virtual Musical Instruments 

On this website, kids have the chance to play different types of musical instruments online. These could be drums, pan flute, piano, bongos, and guitar.

virtual musical instruments screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 48

49 Tate Kids

With a site like Tate Kids, it becomes easy for kids to explore popular artworks. The games here are related to the field of art. There are also quizzes to help your kid become creative.

Tata Kids screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 49

50 BioDigital

BioDigital is an interesting site that every kid would want to explore because of its content. The site is based on human visualization. Through such a platform, the body can be explored in various ways by students.

BioDigital screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 50

51 Voki

Voki is a site with animated characters that can be manipulated and customized by students in various ways. This helps students to write effectively. It is also useful for storytelling and creative thinking.

voki screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 51

52 NickJr

There is something about the NickJr site. It is the fact that it can help to steer up the creativity of your kid. There are lots of videos to explore for every kid. Your kids will find them to be very engaging.

NickJr screenshot Top 50 Free Learning Websites for Kids - 52


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