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Top 5 Ways to Earn and Save Money while Studying

Money is essential for everyone to make a decent living and as a student; you might be looking for simple and legitimate ways to earn and save money while you are living away from home and staying in a hostel. As a student, you should also learn how to manage your finance effectively and learn to avoid unwanted expenses to save money. Here are some easy ways to earn and save money while you are still studying.

1 Affiliate Marketing

If you have good knowledge and experience on social media platforms and have your website or blog, you can make money by promoting products or services of e-commerce companies and make money through affiliate marketing. It is an easy way for students to make money by promoting the products of other companies and you will get paid a percentage of the profit as a commission for every sale.  Affiliate marketing didn’t exist decades ago, but now it’s an easy stream to generate some money, Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between the merchants who create products/services and publishers who act as online marketers. Some of the popular high-paying affiliate programs are Clickbank, Terra leads, Rakuten and Wide Markets, etc. To earn better through affiliate marketing, you should start your own Facebook page, Twitter Profile, blogs, and websites to get higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and more commissions.

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2 Filling out Online surveys

A simple and popular way to make money for students is by filling out online surveys during their free time. Many online surveyors and research companies are looking for people who can complete genuine surveys and offer feedback on new products and are ready to pay decent money for same. You can complete online surveys by filling out a simple form that takes just a few minutes, which can fetch you anywhere from $3 to $50 per survey. All you need is a good Internet connection in your home or hostel and some basic knowledge about the product/service. Some good research companies are YouGov, Global Test market, i-Say, MySurvey, Toluna, PanelBase, Hiving, iPoll, Branded Surveys, SurveyBods, etc. Some sites like will offer you rewards for each survey and also for playing games and watching videos.

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3 Online Trading (Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies)

Another way for students having good knowledge about stocks to make money is through online trading platforms. Some students have good knowledge about market fundamentals and technical analysis which helps to become a successful trader. But this requires some initial investment and is not easy like other methods. You should have an initial capital of at least $1000 to start with trading on stocks or cryptocurrencies. Many students have made great profits with Cryptocurrency trading during the recent days. If you want to become a successful trader, you should know how to invest in stock markets and follow the financial news daily. Popular online trading platforms are Charles Schwab, eToro Plus500, and Robinhood, etc. You can become a Copy trader and make easy money by copying the successful trades of other users. You can get guidance from websites like Investopedia and other online resources to learn more about investing in stocks and forex currencies.

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4 Get cashback when shopping

One of the best ways to save money as a student is through cash backs while shopping for goods. There are many cash back credit and debit cards available in the market which offers customers rewards and cash back points on specific purchases. Whenever you swipe these cards on any shop, you will get free bonuses and rewards which you can claim later. These are very useful for students who frequently purchase items online as they can save a lot of money on each purchase through cash back and reward points.

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5 Freelance Content Writing and E-Book Publishing

Another safe and reliable way to make money as a student is through content writing. You can become a freelance content writer and make money by writing on a wide range of topics. There are many freelance writing opportunities which you can find through platforms like,,, Craigslist, etc. If you have good English language and research skills, you can make a decent income through SEO based copywriting. You can also make money by writing your own e-books and publishing it through Amazon Kindle store. The Kindle App is now available on all devices and you can list your book for £1.49 – £6.99 in the Kindle store and earn 70% of the quoted price for each sale.

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