Top 5 Productivity Apps You Must Have on Your Devices

Smartphones have now become indispensable in our everyday lives, and most of us feel handicapped without a smartphone in our hand. Both iOS App stores and Google Play have millions of Apps which are grouped into different categories like Entertainment, Games, Productivity, News and more. Here we have compiled a list of useful productivity Apps which will add value to your Smartphone.

1 Google Drive

Google Drive is a cool cloud-based storage App from the search giant which helps users to store important media files and documents on Google’s cloud and access it whenever they want from any location across the world using the Internet. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and allows users to manage their files that are uploaded to the cloud. It also allows users to view their uploaded documents like PDF files, Word documents, Videos and Images directly in the App environment. It is a secure way to store your files in the Cloud, and since it is integrated with the Google ecosystem, you can also share the files easily through Gmail and collaborate with others. Every user will get free storage of 15GB once they open an account with Google. You can also access the files from the cloud without using the Internet with the help of the “Available Online” feature.

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2 Evernote

As indicated by the name, it is an app for taking quick notes during important meetings. Though the App was initially meant for just taking notes, it has evolved a lot recently and allows users to organize their notes, audios, images, and videos into notebooks which can be stored in the cloud. You can access your notes from any device as Evernote will keep syncing all your data between the cloud storage and devices. Evernote is a lightweight App with cool features and user-friendly GUI. Using this App or similar to Evernote, you can set reminders for each note and also receive email alerts for important tasks. You can also scan the printed documents, business cards, sketches and handwritten notes using your phone’s camera. Evernote helps you to organize your bills, receipts, memos, to-do-lists, and checklists in a hassle-free manner.

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3 Microsoft Office apps

Productivity on the go just got easier with Microsoft Office Mobile Apps which offers users with an intuitive touch experience and is available for multiple devices like iPhones, iPad, Windows Phones, Android Phones, etc. The Microsoft office Apps include all the important utilities such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Office Lens, Microsoft outlook, One Drive, Cortana and a few others. You can create, edit and view your documents on the go using the Microsoft Office Apps. You can also store your documents in the cloud using Microsoft OneDrive and gain instant access to them from any location. Another big advantage is that the documents share the same formatting across your Mobile devices and PC which helps users to edit or view the documents from any device. You can instantly share your documents with other users by using a hyperlink or as an attachment in your outlook email.

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Microsoft-Office-apps-on-smartphone-675x450 Top 5 Productivity Apps You Must Have on Your Devices

4 Express VPN

VPN Apps are handy utilities which help you to browse the internet securely, protect you from identity thefts and bypass censorships. Express VPN is one of the most secure and trusted VPN Apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Unlike other VPN apps available in the market, they do not log your internet data, and they offer excellent bandwidth when compared to other products. They provide users with 145+ connection locations and is available in 94 countries. Users can keep changing their location any number of times as they need and there is no restriction on server switches within the App.  They also provide 24/7 technical support through live chat and email. Internet users living in Qatar face a lot of censorship and blocking issues due to strict government regulations. If you are currently in Qatar and wish to enjoy your favorite American Netflix shows or other media content which is restricted in your country, you can Unblock Sites in Qatar with a VPN in 2018 using this great App.

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5 TeamViewer

Team Viewer is one of the essential utilities which allow users to access other devices remotely. It also helps you to organize web meetings with video, audio and chatting features along with a whiteboard for live discussion. TeamViewer allows more than 300 people to collaborate at the same time and you can record the meetings for later reference. It is free for private use and is the best utility for remote access and screen sharing which is supported even on iOS devices. The latest Android App supports one-click login feature and reduces the data usage by eighty percent. It helps you to transfer files from remote device easily.

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You can try out all these productivity Apps on your smartphone or tablet and see for yourself how well it helps with your day-to-day work.

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