Top 5 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Ever

Pokemon are adored by many young children if it is not all of them. They were first shown on the television in the animated cartoon series that we used to watch when we were still young. They take the shape of small creatures that look like animals to find them fight each other depending on the power that they have, they were stored in balls and were recalled when they were needed. Each Pokemon has its own power that helps it to defeat its opponents.

Pokemon cartoon series are not now as famous as they were before. They turned from just cartoons that were shown on the television to another form that is more interactive. They turned into games using what is called Pokemon cards. The players need more than one Pokemon to be able to play the game and achieve success and promote their level. The players take the role of the trainer and use their Pokemon cards in order to defeat the Pokemon of their opponents. There are Pokemon cards which are too costly and unaffordable for many players who are huge fans of Pokemon, but do you believe that there are Pokemon cards that may cost thousands of dollars? Below are the most 5 expensive Pokemon cards ever.

5.  Mewtwo Misprint – $3,100

It was released in the United States. Its rarity and high price come as a result of the error in it. It was misprinted as you can find the logo ” Pokemon ” printed on the left of the card upside down.

4. No.1 Tropical Mega Battle – $5,000

It is expensive because of its rarity as there are only three cards of this kind of Pokemon cards. It was issued in three years 1999, 2000 and 2001 which means a card for each year. The card was awarded to the winner in the Japanese Pokemon tournament Tropical Mega Battle tournament. As being one of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world, the card is kept in a PSA case to be protected.

3. Pokemon Fan Club Espeon – $5,000

The cards were awarded through the club to the competitors who achieve 50,000 points.

2. Pokemon Fan Club Umbreon – $14,000

It is ranked as the second most expensive Pokemon card in the world. The cards were awarded to the members in the Pokemon Daisuki club when they achieve 70.000 points.

Pokemon-Fan-Club-Umbreon. Top 5 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Ever

1. Pokemon Illustrator – $20,000

It is ranked as the costliest Pokemon card in the world till now. This Pokemon card is for the lovely Pokemon Pikachu. Pikachu Illustrator card is not only the most expensive Pokemon card in the world, but it is also the rarest as there only six cards of this type in the whole world. The six Pokemon cards were issued by CoroCoro magazine and they were presented to the winners in a Japanese competition that was organized for children to draw their Pokemon cards on their own. The winners were certified as officially authorized Pokemon card illustrators. Pikachu card costs $20,000 and this is the highest price that you can pay to get a Pokemon card.


Do you have any of the previous Pokemon cards? If it is yes, then ” congratulations ” and ” good luck “.

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