Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

Your closet is already packed with cute eyelet dresses and crop tops, and you’ve already acquired your dream strappy sandals. But to make those summery ensembles shine, a little bling is definitely in order. Bold, bright, sexy or timelessly chic, this summer brings you the widest range of must-try styles. If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your outfits, check out our list featuring the top five hottest jewelry trends of the season.

1 Fun and Playful Tropical Vibes

Exotic fauna and flora make great statement jewelry pieces this summer – and the bolder, the better. From tropical birds to pineapples and florals, this trend brings a burst of energy and playfulness. And if you’re looking for a way to add a pop of color to your otherwise neutral outfits, this trend is the perfect match. Opt for bright and vibrant hues and commit to embracing the quirkiness of the trend to make a true style statement. Bonus Tip: pair tropical jewelry with minimalistic silhouettes like shift dresses or T-shirt frocks for a cute play on simplicity meets lushness.

summer-jewelry-tropical-vibes-675x675 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

summer-jewelry-tropical-vibes-4-675x844 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

summer-jewelry-tropical-vibes-3 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

2 Ocean Symbols: Seashells and Pearls

What better time to sport gorgeous ocean-inspired jewelry than in the midst of summer? Stay connected with nature all summer long by opting for pearl jewelry in peacock hues or classic ivory. Go a step further and add a few natural seashells into the mix for an organic, raw feel that works perfectly with your beach-ready attire. But the trend doesn’t stop here – in fact; you’re welcome to rock any beach souvenirs. From shark’s teeth to pebbles and shells, the possibilities are endless!

Summer-Jewelry-Ocean-Symbols-2 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer-Jewelry-Ocean-Symbols-3 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

3 Beach-Ready: Body Chains

Every celeb out there from Beyoncé to Rihanna’s been spotted rocking this next hot trend. We’re talking about sexy, edgy body chains that add a touch of shine to your beach looks. Whether you opt for a piece that falls on your chest and closes at the waist or for the newcomer leg and calf chains, the effects are guaranteed. Making a style statement at the beach has never been easier – and you can count on always looking Instagram photo op-ready. Regardless if you wear them with your bikinis and monokinis or over your crop tops and bodycon attire, this trend is a must-try if you’re all about boosting your sex-appeal.

Summer-Jewelry-Body-Chains-675x675 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer-Jewelry-Body-Chains-2-675x675 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

4 Boho Turquoise and Aquamarine

Year after year, turquoise tops the summer jewelry trends – and we can see just why. With its unique bohemian appeal and irresistibly pigmented shade, turquoise jewelry is a quintessential summer staple. Next in line: radiant, glittering aquamarine, with its ocean hues and unique iridescence. As a must-wear at summer festivals and as a staple of bohemian fashion, turquoise jewelry works best with distressed denim, lace and crochet – and, of course, the mandatory beach waves.

Summer-Jewelry-Boho-Turquoise-675x1175 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

gigi-hadid-summer-jewelry-675x675 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer-Jewelry-Boho-Turquoise-2 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

5 Statement InsectBrooches

Forget adorable pooches and kitties – this summer is all about… bugs! From butterflies to the creepier cockroaches, insect brooches are everywhere this season. Featuring gold tone finishes or realistic detailing, insect brooches add a frisky personal touch to your summery look. Bonus Tip: forget wearing your brooch the classic way – this summer, it’s all about denim skinnies adorned with insects, bags, and totes enriched with bugs and even hairbands decked with creepy-crawlies.

Summer-Jewelry-Statement-InsectBrooches Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer-Jewelry-Statement-InsectBrooches-2 Top 5 Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends

Whether you’re all about sporting those bright real pearl earrings with a summery frock or into edgier body chains, this summer is full of possibilities. From shimmery insects to lush florals and exotic birds, your jewelry game is about to get a serious upgrade this summer. Let your creativity run wild and mix and match some of the hottest jewelry trends of the hot season!

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