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Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

A cake is one of the essential treats which brings sparks to the celebration. A cake is a delight of all times. Nothing beats the flavor that cakes infuse to the festival. They are always one of the most amazing desserts that make a perfect statement of sweetness. For all the sweet tongue, it is undoubtedly a gratifying treat. Whether it’s the birthday, anniversary or any other special day, cakes have been witnessed as one of the fun-thrilling element. Cakes are also considered to be the best gift that you can gift to your loved ones on special occasions or days.

They give a kick-start to the celebrations. Nowadays it has become straightforward to get cake delivery from winni to the doorstep. Online cake stores are have become a medium to buy cake online for every occasion. A cake is something that every kid, as well as elders, look forward to but how can you keep the cake excitement going and keep things healthy? Some cakes are so delicious as well as healthy that can not only offer health but leads to peppier celebration. Here are top 5 healthy cakes that you can buy for healthful and fruitful celebrations.

 1 Carrot Cake

When talking about the carrot, there is no need to tell about how much good carrots are for health. A carrot cake is one of the luscious and healthy treats that will tantalize the taste buds and offer you health for sure. A carrot cake is often brimmed with vegetable oil and loaded with a cream cheese frosting. A little amount of olive oil, a cup of honey for moistness and flavor and a combination of whole wheat pastry and unbleached flour are the primary ingredients of carrot cake. The crunchy walnuts add omega-3 fats to this yummy treat. You can enjoy the carrot cake with a cup of hot green tea. A carrot cake will make you forget about the cheese frosting for sure.

Colossal-Carrot-Cake-675x380 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

gluten-free-carrot-cake-7-650x975 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

 2 Peanut Butter Cake

This peanut butter cake is a yummy, and healthy treat arrives together in minutes and needs just only three ingredients namely sugar, peanut butter, and eggs. This immaculate cake comes out much gorgeous than you would think and it makes for adequately gulet-free after dinner.  The cake is naturally rich in protein and has less quantity of sugar inclusion as compared to normal cakes. You can undoubtedly enjoy your occasions by bringing this yummy cake. This cake can be the ideal gift as a new year gift if you are willing to gift something healthier and tastier to your dear ones.  Cakes are the healthiest gift and hence if your loved one lives in Bangalore then prefer Bangalore cake delivery to send a cake to their doorstep from any online cake store. Your loved one will be stunned to see such a wonderful gift from you.

Peanut-Butter-Cake Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

peanut-butter-cake--675x450 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

 3 Angel Food Cake 

The angel food cake may be heaven-sent because of its gorgeous towering appearance and delectable flavor. This angel food cake is an entirely light dessert option. The amazing thing about this cake is that is doesn’t contain butter or oil . and only contains the whites of eggs. The eggs whites which are included in the angel food are whipped for a more extended amount of time to give the cake a perfect lift and also it makes lofty in height and airy in texture as well so that you can eat to your heart’s content without a concern. It’s a perfect cake that can make any celebration both healthier and fruitful.

strawberries-and-cream-angel-food-cake-1-675x980 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

Angel-Food-Cake.-675x380 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

 4 Olive Oil Cake

If you are emphasizing controlling cholesterol than a cake equipped with butter can’t be the good ideas. Hence, an olive oil cake may be a healthy and fruitful treat. Olive oil is not rich in calories and cholesterol in context with butter, and hence olive oil cake has less-fat glaze despite bulky icing. Take care of your health by bringing this olive oil cake to your celebration. This cake is moist and very light, mildly sweet with a palpable olive oil flavor. It is a super easy cake to make and truly delicious. This cake can be even vegan with the involvement of an egg replacer. The angel food cake is so yummy that you can ask for more after having its only single bite. The mild taste of this cake is simply hard to resist.

olive-oil-cake-675x380 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

lemon-olive-oil-cake-recipe-square-675x675 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

 5 Dark Chocolate Avocado Cake

Baking a cake with avocado is a great idea to cut off butter and oil. It also includes some necessary nutritional content for the cake – offering you a reason to eat another piece of the cake. The dark chocolate avocado cake is so delicious that you will crave for more. The icing of this cake is sleek and smooth. It’s a light cake brimmed with chocolate flavors as well as healthy fats. This cake is sure to impart health benefits. The richness and goodness of this dark chocolate avocado cake enable to bring laughter and enjoyment in the celebration. So, go ahead with this yummy cake and thrill your celebration.

Vegan-Chocolate-Avocado-Cake-4-675x506 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

Dark-Chocolate-Avocado-Cake-675x450 Top 5 Healthy Cakes for Fruitful Celebrations

Above cakes are baked using the high-quality ingredients and that too using the ingredients that can’t result in health problems. The heavenly taste of above-mentioned cake would take the celebrations to another level. So, enjoy your party with these yummy, healthy and fruitful treats.

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