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Top 5 Grooming Tips You Need for Winter

Facial skin and care need a different kind of attention during winter, due to exposure to low temperatures. Cold, wind, snow and the winter sun can dry your skin and thicken your beard. These symptoms may seem impossible to avoid, especially since you face three months of winter. You can easily adjust your face care routine to protect your skin and beard or mustache and keep them healthy.

Remember that winter and spring are far from the best times to speed up or ignore your skin care routine. Even if you cover your beard with a scarf, it needs tools to protect itself against those icy temperatures. Here are 5 grooming tips you should consider when adjusting your morning and evening schedules.

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Take a Lower Temperature Shower

As tempting and long and hot showers may seem, they stress out your skin. By keeping the same temperature as you used during summer and fall, you allow your skin to produce the same amount of natural oils for protection. Also, you should shave or groom after a shower, as the skin is softer and less prone to irritating. Remember to make sure that you use the right products for winter care. You can find reviews on websites such as ShavingSolution. Moreover, skin care experts recommend one daily shower during winter and even hydrate to protect your pores.

Scrub Your Face

Skin cells dehydrate easier during winter, so even if you don’t shave or groom you will need to scrub your skin. Scrubbing is essential before shaving as it eliminates dry skin and potential discomfort. Once you exfoliate your face, you also have smoother shaving and your post-shave oils, or balms will be more effective. Oil skin glands are more active in men and need removal more often when they’re exposed to extreme temperature. You can apply some specialized products after scrubbing.

Always Moisturize

Exposure to freezing wind has the same effect on your skin as razor burn. According to skincare experts, you can prevent this by using a post-shave moisturizing balm, instead of a lotion or cream. Moisture-based protection also helps you avoid toxins from the environment, germs, and bacteria. These lotions are thicker, but they supplement the natural production of ceramides and other substances your body naturally produces. Make sure your moisturizer has ingredients that work, instead of marketing promises on the label. Then, allow it to get into your skin before leaving home.

Wash Your Face

This isn’t the regular reminder to follow your evening face washing routine. Your skin collects toxic substances throughout the day. Wash your face with icy water when you get home. Use an alcohol-free face wash and let your pores breathe awhile. Before going to sleep, you can hydrate your face with a specialized product. Vitamin D is extremely efficient during winter. During the day, your skin also produces a lot of sebum to protect itself. If you don’t clear it, the oil will transfer to your pillow and then back on your face.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen may not be your first product of choice for winter skin care. However, according to research, men and women are prone to gaining weight during the cold season, due to lower exposure to sun rays. Scientists recommend us to walk more in the sun. However, the winter sun influences your skin, so you need to protect it. When purchasing the moisturizer that we mentioned above, you can check for a product that also includes SPF 15 protection. Apply it on your skin daily, 30 minutes before walking out of the door. Remember that UV rays go through fog or occasional rain, and the sun reflects in the snow layer.

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  • You can adjust more of your products to the cold temperatures and find a balanced winter fragrance. Mahogany is preferred by many men for the cold season.
  • Groom your beard more often than before, to minimize the thickening effect.
  • Products with salicylic acid help you clear sebum more efficiently. You can find a moisturizer that contains the acid or purchase a face toner to use after shaving.
  • Make sure that the products you purchase fit to your skin complexion. You don’t want your skin to dry even more or to encourage it to produce excess sebum, just because the hydrating cream is not chosen accordingly.
  • For extra protection, you can purchase vitamin D and eat food which is rich in healthy fats and protein. You can try some more fish, almonds or Greek yogurt.

Taking care of your face skin and hair is essential during winter. Affected skin can become oily, shine in excess or even change its texture for some months. Pores can enlarge and become sensitive to potential irritations. You can avoid all of these by slightly adjusting your routine, using the above tips.

Healthy skin and facial hair also look good. Don’t hesitate to protect them, and you’ll see the results throughout those winter and spring months!

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