5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes

Men perfumes are always stronger and more attractive than women’s perfumes. In fact, many women do envy men because of the intensity of their perfumes. Perfumes brands compete every year to introduce new fragrances; hoping to achieve great success and popularity. Yet, the case is that not all perfumes are equals; there are some fragrances, especially for men that reached a position that not any other perfume can reach easily. In the following article, you will find the top 5 best-selling perfumes for men.

1 One Million by Paco Rabanne:

paco_rabanne_one_million_edt_for_men_50ml_100ml 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
s-l1000 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
Paco-Rabanne-1-Million-Gift-Set-Press-Materials 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
o.21479 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes

Though Paco Rabanne perfumes are always beautiful and successful, One Million for men is the brand’s masterpiece. Since its release in 2008, One Million is still maintaining its position among other perfumes. It is a bold fragrance that is very simple and sophisticated at the same time. The top notes of this perfume are Grapefruit, Mint, Blood orange, Rose, Cinnamon, Spice Notes, and Blond leather while the base notes are:  White woods, Amber, Patchouli. Not to mention the beautiful gold bar shape that makes this perfume even more special and unforgettable.

2 Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior:

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homme-intense-50ml 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
dior_homme_intense_zps5483931f 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
s936518263714895338_p324_i2_w960 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes

Dior Homme Intense was first launched in 2011, and since then it is one of the most competitive perfumes in the market. It is a woody and musky fragrance that is very appropriate for evenings and formal events like weddings. This fragrance top notes are: Lavender, Iris and Ambrette seed. But the based notes are Virginia cedarwood, Vetiver and Vanilla. Even though the ingredients of this perfumes seems very normal, the perfume is not normal at all; it is very sexy and special.

3 Creed Aventus by Creed:

creavem_aedp10_01__8 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
pww-340_1z 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
71lfRkz1FGL._SL1000_ 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
s936518263714895338_p395_i2_w1000 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes

There cannot be a list of best-selling perfumes that does not has this magnificent perfumes Creed Aventus. This perfume is very unique and elegant. Although it is extremely expensive, it is among the best-selling perfumes and that’s give a clue for how special this perfume is. The ingredients of this perfume are unique and special as well. The top notes are  blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple, rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine and patchouli while the base notes are oak moss, musk, ambergris, and vanilla. My advice for you, that if you have never smelled this perfume before, you have to do it now.

4 Boss no 6 by Hugo Boss:

hugno6m_aedt08-01__7-794 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
123304903099 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
Hugo-Boss-Bottled-Ads 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes

Hugo Boss perfumes have been always among the best-selling perfumes, that is why this list had to include at least one Hugo perfume. Boss no. 6 is a very powerful fragrance that combines the best of all the Hugo Boss perfume’s range. The top notes of this fragrance are apple in union with citruses, geranium and gourmet plum aromas, spicy rhythm combined with floral aromas of carnation, cinnamon and mahogany. Yet, the base notes are woody seal with masculine aromas created of sandalwood, vetiver and cedar with olive tree bark and vanilla.

5 Chrome by Loris Azzaro:

azzaro_chorme_200ml_1024x1024 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
Chrome-Azzaro-for-men-bottle 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
chrome-azzaro-2294 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes
Azzaro-Chrome-Fragrance-Campaign-Rein-Langeveld-2015-004 5 Best-Selling Men Perfumes

Chrome by Azzaro is one of those perfumes that is very appropriate for formal events. It is a heavy and powerful fragrance that smells really expensive and clean. On one hand, the top notes of this perfumes are Bergamot, Bitter orange, transparent musks, Ivy, Lichen and Hedione. On t ether hand, the Base notes are Maté, Sandalwood and Rosewood. So eventually if you are looking for a clean and strong perfume, Chrome by Azzaro is the one for you.

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