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Top 30 Unique Sterling Silver Mood Rings that Incredibly Detect Your Mood

These sterling silver mood rings are not just traditional accessories as they may seem to you. They are really unique and you may ask yourself, why are they unique? These unique rings are made through using glass or quartz and filling them with special liquid crystals that are really sensitive as they are easily affected by the changes in temperature which makes these rings change in their color. Another way for making these sensitive and magnificent rings is to put a thin sheet with these crystals underside the crystal or glass where it touches the skin of your finger and this will make the crystals affected by the changes in the temperature of your body instead of the temperature in the environment around you.


The main reason of giving the mood rings this name is that they are affected by your mood and this can be noticed through the colors of the ring that do not stay the same all the time and changes in response to what you feel. When your mood changes the temperature of your body also changes to affect the colors of the ring. So, when you become angry, happy, sad, frightened or even sick, these mood rings will detect the changes in your mood and body.


There are different colors for the ring and you may find a combination o colors and not just one. Here is the indication of each color:

The black color shows that you are stressed.

The gray color shows that you are nervous.

The yellow and amber colors show that you are unstable emotionally which means that you have mixed emotions.

The green and blue-green colors show that you are not stressed.

The blue color shows that you are calm and relaxed.

Finally, the violet color shows that you are extremely happy and in a romantic mood. “We wish that it is the color that we always see”.


Liquid crystals are not just found in rings, but they can also be found in bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, pendants and other pieces of jewelry. The mood rings are the most common and they are available in different shapes to suit both men and women. To make sure that the mood ring works, you can make another one wear it or just put it on the skin of another one to see if the color changes or not because the ring may be broken which makes it useless and unable to detect your emotions and mood.


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