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Top 30 Multifunctional Watches & Their uses

Technology is always providing us with what is new. Many things has become smaller than we used to and there are many devices which are capable of performing more than one task. Watches are among those things that began to be multi purposed and this makes our life easier. You can find watches that has cameras for taking photos and recording videos but this may seem not enough for inventors and thinkers, so new watches have appeared to perform more tasks that are really amazing. Here you will find many helpful watches that can be used for different purposes in our life.

Touchscreen bracelet: It looks like a smartphone that can be worn. It has a touch screen through which you can control the watch. You can use many applications that exist on this watch to allow you to keep in touch with your friends.

Touchscreen Bracelets

Luxe iPod Nano watch: It is provided with a music player that allows you to listen to music. It is like a small iPod around your wrist.

Luxe iPod Nano Watches

Diabetic watch: This elegant watch is very useful for measuring the rate of sugar in our blood.

Diabetic Watches

Luxe MP3 watches: These watches are provided with MP3 for playing music wherever you go and whenever you want .

Luxe MP3 Watches

Elegant Sky-Inspired Timepieces: These watches do not only tell us time, but they are also provided with a technique that allows them to change their background when the time changes between day and night.

Elegant Sky Inspired Timepieces

Networking Pocket Watch: This watch allows you to connect to the internet and use social net works to communicate with friends.

Networking Pocket Watches
Stress-Detecting Wristwatches: These watches are very useful for people who are stressed most of the time and they remind them to give themselves some time as a break to relax.

Stress Detecting Wristwatches
Communicative iPhone Watch: By using this watch you will be allowed to communicate with your friends because the watch is connected to the iPhone mobile via Bluetooth.

Communicative iPhone Watches
Multitasking Wrist Watch: It is connected to iPhone via Bluetooth. You can use it to make and receive calls, send and receive messages and use social networking sites.

Multitasking Wrist Watches

Multifunctional-watch: These watches come with Google and Android which allow you to connect to the internet.

multifunctional watches
Multifunctional-watch: It is provided with Bluetooth to be connected to Android and Blackberry smartphones. It shows messages and emails.

multifunctional watches

 Route-Tracking Watch: It contains GPS that locates the places where you go and a USB to be connected to computers.

Route Tracking Watches

iWatch concept: It looks like Iphone as it is provided by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, projector and can run many applications.

iWatch concept 3
Waterproof MP3 Watches: It contains MP3 for listening to music and Bluetooth for being connected to your mobile.

Waterproof MP3 Watches

Futuristic MP3 Watch: It can be used for listening to music through the MB3 player inside it.

Futuristic MP3 Watches

Golf Master Watch: It has GPS that is capable of measuring the distance and the hole accurately to successfully throw the ball.

Golf Master Watches

GPS Golf Watch: It works as an assistant for those who play golf and like it through providing them with courses, timer and GPS for measuring distances. 

GPS Golf Watches

Watch Z1 : It is provided with Android operating system, WiFi, microphone, Bluetooth, , GPS and a camera with 2MP. It allows you to make calls, take photos and determine your place.

Android Watch Z1 Is World's First Android Wrist Computer 2
Android Watch Z1 Is World s First Android Wrist Computer 5 Android Watch Z1, Multifunction Smart Clock with Android OS

Digital wrist watch: It has a touch screen, calculator, notepad and organizer for registering names and it works like a reminder.

digital wrist watches

GPS Tracker : It has a cell phone for making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, GPS for locating your place and it shows the weather condition.

GPS tracker file technolookers

Novelty Multi-Function Watch: This watch Includes butane Gas to make it work as a lighter for cigarettes.


GD999 watch: It is provided with a touch Screen, Camera, MP3/MP4 for listening to music and watching videos, USB, Bluetooth and GPRS for locating places. It works as a tiny phone.

inch touch screen wrist watch phone with camera bluetooth

Multi function sport watch: It works as a thermometer for measuring temperature and it resists water.

Temp 01 temperature

 Sport digital watch: It measures the rates of your heart beats for always being healthy.

Sport Digital Multifunction Watches SL heart rate

suunto GPS watch: It has GPS which is useful for measuring speed, distance and determining the rate of your performance while doing exercises.

suunto multifunction GPS watch

Pine watch: It measures your heart rate, calories burned and distance. It is provided with camera, WI-FI, USB, GPS and Bluetooth which allows you to connect to the internet and to listen to music.

Pine watch

Suunto Ambit (HR): This watch is provided with GPS, baramoter, thermometer and compass. It also measures heart rate.

Suunto Ambit (HR) Multifunction Watch

Sky watch: In this watch you will find barometer, thermometer, compass for determining directions, pedometer, altimeter and music player for listening to music.

sky watch The ultimate multifunctional watch Sky Watch Sports Watch Phone

Kogan watch: It contains altimeter, thermometer, speedometer, pedometer, Bluetooth and GPS. This watch allows you to measure distances and temperatures.

kogan gps watch

Multifunctional Watch Moblie Phone: It is provided with a touchscreen, Bluetooth, TF card and SIM card, webcam and GPRS. It functions like a mobile phone that can be easily controlled. You can make and receive calls and allow your friends to see you through the webcam.

Multifunctional Watch Moblie Phone

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