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Top 25 Rare Black Diamonds for Him & Her

Diamonds are known to be very expensive and precious, however they are sought after by most of the women if it is not all of them. You can find that most of the engagement and wedding rings are encrusted with breathtaking diamonds in different numbers, sizes and colors. The white color is the most common color, but this does not mean that there are not other colors which are desired and preferred by women and girls. There are several colors such as pink, green, red, blue, yellow, brown, violet, orange and even black. Black diamonds are rare and cannot be easily found like other colors especially the white color. These rare diamonds are used for adorning rings especially wedding rings for both men and women, although the wedding rings usually come in the form of simple bands without creating holes that are adorned with different precious stones to represent eternity.


Most of the black diamonds are found in the mines of Central Africa and Brazil. These black diamonds are desired and sought after by men more than women as men believe that the white diamonds are feminine while the black diamonds are masculine as they do not sparkle like the white ones. They are used for adorning different pieces of jewelry which are made of platinum, white gold and other metals that are used for creating jewelry pieces. The popularity of black diamonds increases every year to be found in different pieces of jewelry that are created for both men and women.


Black diamonds are used alone for decorating jewelry pieces and they can be also combined with other diamonds in different colors especially white diamonds to finally get fabulous black and white diamond pieces of jewelry. There are countries in which black diamonds are used for other different purposes such as India in which black diamonds are used for creating parts of their sacred statues such as Buddha and these diamonds are also believed in India to represent the eyes of a snake and this is why they are dedicated to an Indian god.


Those diamonds which are clear and have no inclusions are rare and more expensive than other diamonds which come with inclusions, but in black diamonds you will find that this is completely different as they get their black color and magnificent appearance through the inclusions that they have. Grading black diamonds is also different from other diamonds as they are considered to be valuable and costly for the large degree of coloration that they have and the large size. Black diamonds which are massive in their size and have the largest degree of coloration are graded as AAA to be the best black diamonds unlike other small black diamonds with faint coloration that are graded as C.


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