Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World

You are welcome to the place where firsthand information will be displayed about some of the best luxury rooms in the world. These rooms have features that most people are dreaming of. Just go through each of them below and choose the one that you find to be most appealing.

1 Solarium-Style Living Room

The solarium-style room is owned by popular boxer, Floyd Mayweather. One unique aspect or feature of this living room is the fact that the architects have been able to combine true elegance with simplicity. For instance, the off-white color used is a perfect match for the wood flooring (dark). Different French doors are also worth mentioning. There is no shortage of light in this room, given its glass doors (floor-to-ceiling).

The exotic Solarium styled luxurious living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 1

2 The royal suite

This luxury bedroom can be found in Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, a hotel located in London. It has Chinese paintings that are a typical reflection of the famous Qing Dynasty in China. The artwork is also a perfect example of a classy design. It is no wonder this living room costs around £18,000.

The royal suite Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 2

3 Living Rooms-in-One

Celebrities love being unique, most especially when it comes to designing their properties. This is probably why LeBron James, the famous American basketball player, opted for a living room of this nature. The room isn’t just spacious but takes you to another room. It has a combination of both white and black furniture colors.

The Lengthy and elegantly spacious luxurious Living Room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 3

4 Tuscan Opulence

Ellen DeGeneres is a popular comedian. However, she is also into the buying and renovation of homes. The room above is one of those she bought and renovated in a Tuscan villa. The aged ceiling beams in this room are awesome. It is also characterized by contemporary furniture. Finally, there are ceiling timbers and their aged stonework. This room is worth every penny.

The blacked out luxurious living room 1 Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 4

5 Taj Mahal Palace

This luxury room can be found in India with a measurement of around 1,800 square feet. The unique feature of this luxury room is the fact that it is a combination of modern technology and Rajasthani opulence. The floor isn’t just made with white and gold marble. Rather, it has been laid in a chevron pattern.

Taj Mahal Palace Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 5

6 The Opposite House

The opposite house is a room in Beijing with some of the most modern and elegant features. In case you plan to travel to China, checking into a hotel room like this won’t be a bad idea. Kengo Kuma, an architect from Japan, is the brain behind its design. The surfaces have been constructed with bamboo and wood. There are also lights everywhere due to its transparent walls (glass).

The Opposite House Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 6

7 Ellen Pompeo’s room

Ellen Pompeo has always been known for being stylish. This room is nothing short of eclectic with some amazing features. Apart from having huge couches, there are club chairs. The pendant light ensures that soft lighting is provided to keep the place lively. The room contains both glass and iron windows, which measure up to around 11ft. This is a glamorous room. You will also notice that the ceilings have been creatively constructed.

Ellen Pompeos room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 7

8 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t only won the heart of fans over the years with her engaging and interactive blog. In addition to such, she has one of the most expensive-looking living rooms anyone can think of. It is a typical example of modern architecture and home décor at its best. You can see how the color has been perfectly combined to produce something stunning. The center rug is state-of-the-art, thereby ensuring the highest level of comfort. This is not bad at all for a celebrity worth around $100 million.

Gwyneth Paltrow Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 8

9 Kourtney Kardashian’s living room

There are indeed lots of luxury rooms around the world. However, not all of them are worth putting up on the front pages of magazines. This living room of Kourtney Kardashian is worth every attention it is getting in the media today. This is because it has been a definition of contemporary luxury. It is spacious, and the floors have been perfectly designed. There is also perfect light penetration due to the glass walls.

Kourtney Kardashian’s living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 9

10 Montecito living room

Jeff Bridges, a top celebrity own Montecito’s living room. Very few luxury living rooms have been able to combine both simplicity and class successfully. However, the Montecito room has been able to do such. You can see how the fireplace has been perfectly built with stone. There are also French doors, oak floors, and ceiling beams. The vintage wall has its origin from Roman theatre.

Montecito living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 10

11 House Palm Springs

House Palm Springs has one of the most beautifully designed living rooms in the world. It is no wonder popular Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio, was able to spend over $5million in its purchase in the year 2014. The living room is a typical example of how far architecture has advanced over the years. Every element has been perfectly styled to fit in.

House Palm Springs Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 11

12 Taj Lake Palace

Chandra Prakash is the name that has been given to this suite implying the moon’s luster. Despite being over 250 years old, it is one of the most expensive rooms in the world. The elements are nothing short of class. It was used in one of those James Bond movies in 1983. Despite being located in India, it is a favorite room for top celebrities both from America and Europe over the years

Taj Lake Palace Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 12

13 Contemporary Comfort

Tyra Banks owns this living room. The gray and cream color palette may look boring, but it has something that most luxury rooms lack. These are arched clerestory windows, maple floors, Italian plaster walls, hardware, and French doors. The fact that this home was sold for almost $7 million shouldn’t surprise you.

Contemporary Comfort Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 13

14 Gallery-Style

In case you are searching for some ideas about how to set up your luxury living room but don’t know-how, it is always great to check out what celebrities have put together in the past. For instance, the former home of Britney Spears is a typical example. It will provide you with the perfect template and inspiration. This is a unique living room which has been decked out professionally. There is also a side-sitting area, chandelier, dark wood floor, and tall ceilings.

The luxurious living room with archways 1 Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 14

15 Decorative living room

There is no doubt that this room is the brain of an expert architect and decorator. It is owned by Meg Ryan, a celebrity and famous TV personality. The outstanding feature of this house is the vintage elements that have been added. With a net worth of over $85million, this living room shouldn’t be short of what it currently possesses. It is spectacular given the unique items which have been added.

Decorative living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 15

16 Eccentric living room

There is no doubt that we have seen beautiful and exceptional living rooms as listed above. However, none can compare to what Robert Downey Jr.’s living room has to offer. It is a living room that brings comfort to the highest level. The ceramic fireplace and wraparound couch is worth mentioning. This room isn’t short of some classic features given that 1885 was when it got built.

Eccentric living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 16

17 Lightening living room

This is a living room owned by Mindy Kaling. In case you are looking for a room that has some classic Hollywood feel, this one ticks all the boxes. The wood beams used in the ceilings are vaulted. Its fireplace is also massive. Finally, it has been built with French glass doors to ensure there is enough light.

Lightening living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 17

18 Spacious and classic

There is no difference between this living room and an event hall. This is probably why Cindy Crawford bought it for over $11million in 2017. The sitting space has been divided into two sections. Adults can use one while kids will make use of the other. The wood floor has been used in the whole space. Its standalone fireplace shouldn’t be forgotten too.

Spacious and classic Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 18

19 Exquisite living room

This is probably one of the best living rooms in the world. It is looking classy and expensive. Jon Bon Jovi spend lots of money (almost $19million) purchasing it. This room is about 40m long, which is quite impressive. You can see how it has been stylishly furnished to catch the attention of visitors.

Exquisite living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 19

20 Sting Styler’s living room

This living room can be found in NYC. There are French doors (floor-to-ceiling), spiral fireplace (double-sided), and an amazing open. At the end of 2017, this home was sold for around $50million. Such is only a reflection of its luxury features.

Sting Styler’s living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 20

21 Vintage living room

The design and decoration ideas on display in this living room are breathtaking. It is a combination of metallic touches, sophisticated colors, vintage collections, and other expensive elements. John Legend, a music icon, is the owner of this impressive living room.

Vintage living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 21

22 Christiano’s living room

This house was built from scratch and has been reported to cost around $7 million. Of course, Christiano Ronaldo is used to a life of luxury, having once maintained a record of the world’s most expensive footballer. Can you see how the glass window has been designed to give a perfect view of the ocean? The living room has been built and arranged compactly.

Christiano’s living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 22

23 The relaxation living room

This used to be the perfect relaxation spot for Emily Blunt and John Krasinski before it was later sold. The accent pieces and lilac walls are amazing. A calm atmosphere is always created with a wood-burning fireplace. The room isn’t short of light, too, due to its French doors and large windows.

The relaxation living room Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 23

24 Seaside Glamour

You will want to agree that this living room is a complete definition of what a beachside mansion should be all about. It has floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Hughes Umbanhowar Architects deserves some credit for this design.

Seaside Glamour Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 24

25 Contemporary Splendor

Grupo Arquitectura is the brain behind this elegant living room. You can see the windows are huge. Also, the furniture pieces are very colorful and have been professionally built.

Contemporary Splendor Top 25 Most Luxurious Rooms in the World - 25

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