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Top 15 Beauty Trends that Men Hate

It is impossible to find that all the beauty trends which are presented every year or every season are impressive and catchy for all the people regardless of their gender or age. There are many beauty trends that are presented every year and they are always changed but the question is which trends are the most suitable for you? It is wrong to follow all the beauty trends that are presented to you without caring about whether they are appropriate for you or not. You should only choose the beauty trends that can increase your elegance and beauty and you must keep away from other trends that destroy your natural beauty and completely change your shape even if these beauty trends are new. You should also bear in mind that the opinions of other people are very important and can affect your choice. Let’s know the beauty trends that men hate in order to avoid them while deciding the best beauty trends for you.

♦ Pointy nails: There are many men who find that those pointy nails are scary and are among the worst beauty trends that were presented to women by Lady Gaga.


♦ Heavy perfume: Wearing too much perfume, even if it is smells good, is too bad.


♦ Too much eye make-up: There are some women who like applying heavy eye make-up and there are also men who find that women who have eyes with heavy eye make-up look like raccoons.

♦ Dark and bright lipsticks: Using dark lipsticks for your lips does not increase the beauty of your lips as you may think, so keep away from them in order not terrify your man. There are also some men who do not like seeing you with your bright lips.


♦ Heavy foundation: Getting a flawless face that is completely perfect and does not have any flaws through applying heavy foundation is almost impossible. You will not be able to make your face look like those faces which you see in magazines because they are simply photoshopped. So, it will be better for you to decrease the amount of foundation that you apply.


♦ Fake nails: Artificial nails which are commonly known as fake nails and are used by many women to cover their real fingernails are hated by many men.


♦ Extra long nails: It is one of the worst beauty trends that you can ever see and it is hated by both men and women.


♦ Sticky lip gloss: keep away from those lip glosses which are sticky as they are completely hated by most of the men if it is not all of them.


♦ Neon and dark manicures: Choosing dark colors or other colors that glow in the dark for your fingernails is not a good idea, so avoid this.


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Finally, it is not recommended to apply or wear what you want regardless of what others think. You have also to bear in mind that good things can be easily turned into bad things when they are too much, so try to be simple.

“Simplicity is the mother of beauty”

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