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Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs

Pearl necklaces are classic pieces of jewelry that every woman should have in their collection. When you have pearls in your jewelry collection in different patterns and designs, you can look classy and chic on any occasion. Pearl gold necklace designs are available in various styles ranging from the modern rope to the classic collar style.

Women have always been fascinated by the magical and lustrous beauty of pearls. There is something alluring about a smooth string of lustrous pearls on a gold necklace, especially when it’s paired with a black dress. Most people believe that pearl necklaces are for older women, but this is definitely not the case. Some of the top designers have collections with contemporary pearl necklace designs in gold settings that can suit everyone. Regardless of the style that you choose, a pearl necklace will give you a look that is elegant and classy.

Pearl necklaces exude a radiant white color and natural beauty with a lustrous appeal that can bring elegance and charm to any neckline. They say that diamonds are forever, but the beauty of pearls offer a timeless charm. There are some pearl and gold necklace designs with selective pearl sizes and matching colors which are true work of arts. Just imagine fifty pearl beads which are carefully selected and then hand-knotted on a string to make a gorgeous pearl necklace. These necklaces are the preferred choice for most brides because they can go well with wedding gowns.

White colored pearl necklaces are classic and traditional pieces, but you can now find the necklace in many other sizes and colors. The necklace designs with freshwater pearls are high-quality pieces, but they are also very affordable. There are white gold pearl necklace designs with various other kinds of pearls like Akoya pearls, South seawater pearls, and Tahitian pearls.

Generally, the Akoya pearl necklaces are more expensive than the freshwater pearls. These pearls have always been in great demand because they offer almost perfect round shapes with high luster. The golden south seawater and black Tahitian pearl necklaces are also high-quality pieces which usually command higher prices.

When shopping for pearl necklaces, you should always remember that luster is the characteristic of quality pearls. Whether you are buying or evaluating freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls or South Sea pearls, the luster of the pearl will be the prime and most dominating factor. Other factors to consider when valuing pearls would be the type, size and the cleanness of the pearl surface.

If you want to find good quality pearl gold necklace designs, then look no further than Max And Chloe Company. Whether you are looking for personalized pearl jewelry or gift items, Max & Chloe carries a great selection of pearl jewelry in the form of necklaces, bangle sets, earrings, and rings. With a large collection of items to choose from, you can find the perfect pearl jewelry to match your budget and style.

Chain-Necklace-with-Gold-Golf-Charm-and-White-Pearl Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Chain Necklace with Gold Golf Charm and White Pearl
Caged-gold-pearl-necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Caged gold pearl necklace
Akoya-Cultured-Pearl-and-Sapphire-Pendant-in-18k-White-Gold-necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Akoya Cultured Pearl and Sapphire Pendant in 18k White Gold Necklace
22-Karat-Gold-Pearl-Necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
22 Karat Gold Pearl Necklace
18ct-gold-pearl-necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
18ct gold pearl necklace
Yellow-Gold-Pearl-Diamond-Drop-Necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Yellow Gold Pearl Diamond Drop Necklace
white-gold-akoya-pearl-necklace-designs Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
white gold akoya pearl necklace designs
stylish-woven-pearl-V-shaped-necklace-in-gold Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
stylish woven pearl ‘V’ shaped necklace in gold

pearl-white-gold-necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs

Pearl-Necklace-Set-with-White-Gold-and-Diamonds Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Pearl Necklace Set with White Gold and Diamonds

pearl-and-gold-necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs

Monete-necklace-in-18-kt-pink-gold-with-mother-of-pearl Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Monete necklace in 18 kt pink gold with mother of pearl
Matte-Gold-Leaf-Pearl-Necklace-Women-Design Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Matte Gold Leaf Pearl Necklace Women Design
Gold-Sea-Cast-Flower-Cup-Pearl-Necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Gold Sea Cast Flower Cup Pearl Necklace
Fresh-Water-Pearl-And-Diamond-Pendant-In-18Kt-White-Gold-Necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Fresh Water Pearl And Diamond Pendant In 18Kt White Gold Necklace
Delicate-light-brown-shell-based-pearl-necklace-on-antique-gold-chain Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Delicate light brown shell based pearl necklace on antique gold chain
delicate-gold-necklace-with-Lariat-knot-and-double-man-made-pearl Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
delicate gold necklace with Lariat knot and double man-made pearl
Custom-Made-necklace-with-gold-pearl-diamond-and-garnet-pendant Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Custom Made necklace with gold pearl diamond and garnet pendant
Cultured-Pearl-Pendant-White-Gold-Necklace Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Cultured Pearl Pendant White Gold Necklace
Chanel-all-gold-chain-with-flat-medaillons-and-pearl Top 20 Pearl Gold Necklace Designs
Chanel all gold chain with flat medaillons and pearl

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