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Top 20 Fashion Trends that Men Hate

It is widely known that women care about the latest fashion trends more than men because they want to be always catchy, fashionable and gorgeous. It is also true that most of the women are more fashionable than men, but this does not mean that all what is worn by women is liked by men. We cannot ignore what men hate and women should also take a look at what they wear and is hated by men. There are many things that women wear and they think that what they wear is really fashionable, trendy and make them catchier, but this is not true. If you are really curious about the fashion trends that are hated by men and want to know the things that you wear but do not attract the attention of your man, then take a look at the following top fashion trends that men hate.

♦ Bold floral prints: Those dresses, pants or tops which come with floral prints are very common among women especially in spring and summer seasons but men do not like those bold florals.

♦ Jumpsuits: There are many men who do not like jumpsuits because they think that they are not catchy and do not increase the beauty of women.

♦ Peplums: These peplums which are inspired by the fashion trends that were presented in the past do not catch men’s eyes.

♦ Floppy hats: Although they look fashionable and catchy, there are some men who do not like them.

♦ Open-side shirts: They are hated by both men and women, so try to avoid wearing these shirts even if the weather is very hot.

♦ Flatforms: Most of the men hate flatforms and think that they are among the worst trends that were presented to women. They believe that high-heeled shoes are catchier and more elegant than those flatforms.

♦ Wedge sneakers: They are worn by many women even celebrities, however they are not liked by men.

♦ Ultra-high heels: They are not comfortable for women and they force them to walk slowly, however women insist on wearing them.

♦ Pointy-toed shoes: Men like those high-heeled shoes but they do not like pointy-toed shoes or even boots with pointy toes.

♦ Bangles: Wearing many bangles around your wrists is annoying for men because of the sound that they make when they move.

♦ High-waisted clothes: It seems that men hate all what is higher your waist. They do not like your high-waisted jeans, high-waisted shorts with their visible pockets and high-waisted skirts.

♦ Mullet dresses: There are many men who ask about the reason that makes women cover the back of their legs and show the front part. Can you give them the right answer?

Do you think that these opinions are good and right?

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What are the worst fashion trends and which one do you hate the most?