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Top 20 Biggest Muscle Building Mistakes

1- Eating unhealthy food, you must choose the right foods and drink with the right quantities and eat more calories. This will prevent muscle loss and increase muscle growth. And don’t forget to drink enough water which helps you to increase your strength and improve your endurance.


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2- Training too much and not giving your body enough rest is a big mistake as it causes an increase in the amount of muscle being burnt then reduces Muscle growth. Also don’t try to lose fat and gain muscle in the same time as it may lead to an increase in fat.

3- The time of sleep is important, lack of sleep either oversleeping, this makes you feel tired and can’t do your exercises well. Organize your sleep times so that you can organize your eating times as eating more meals per day is vital.

4- Train your muscle first with free weights before starting in any heavy exercises as there are certain types of exercises which should always come first within a workout.

5- You must consume enough carbohydrates and enough fats which contain essential fatty acids as they help you to boost muscle growth and allows you to work out more often.

6- Don’t ignore the weak areas in your body or muscle imbalances during training, use exercises which isolate these areas.

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