Top 15 Virtual Room software tools and Programs

Most people need to change the design of their homes from time to time  in order to refresh their lives and renew their homes. It takes a long time to design or decorate your home which makes you sometimes discouraged and do not have the desire to renew your own home. In order to solve this problem, new software programs appeared and they are known as virtual room software programs. This kind of programs allows you to see your home and its rooms before they are actually designed or decorated in reality. You can imagine your home and its rooms, modify them, apply more than one object and print your final design. They are a perfect tool for saving your time, money and effort. Some virtual room software tools and programs are designed for a specific space or specific part of your home such as gardens and others ask you to choose the type of the room before beginning to work. You can change ceiling, floors, paintings, walls and furniture. The virtual design programs can be divided into online virtual room designing tools that are free and can be installed on your personal computer and purchased software programs that can be installed as a trial version for a limited period of time for free to try and evaluate the program. Here are some of the best virtual room software tools and programs that may help you to improve your home’s shape.

1. My Deco

It is a 3D Planner that provides you with different objects such as windows,walls and doors to help you to virtually design and plan your home and offers also a camera to allow you to see your design from different angles.


2. IKEA Home Planner

It is a free software that allows you to design and decorate your home by providing you with real pieces of furniture and decoration to try them and you can also buy them if they suit your home.


3. IKEA Kitchen Planner

A virtual design software that is presented by IKEA for only designing and planning your kitchen. It provides you with real products to help you to design or redecorate your kitchen.


4. Design A Room

It is a 3D virtual design program that is presented to you by Armstrong and allows you to design your home by trying different styles, paint colors and textures.You can find different models and finishes that are already designed to make use of them.


5. Autodesk Homestyler

Although the program is presented by Autodesk, it is easy to be used and does not need a prior experience or a professional to use it. You can print your designs and share them through the internet.


6. Drywall estimator

It provides you with worksheets to write the measurements, distances and dimensions to easily design the house and make it accurate.


7. Sweet Home 3D

A 3D virtual software program that provides you with different models for designing and furniture pieces to finish your design. The program features also a camera to see all the sides of your work.


8. Smartdraw

It provides you with different objects that help you when you design any room and it is good for being used in  designing, and drawing models that look like sketches.

SmartDraw Floor Plan 238K floorplan

9. Floor Planner Online: Small Blue Printer

It helps you to plan floor by trying different windows, doors and walls. It can be easily used and does not need a professional to use it.


10. Garden Planner Online: Small Blue Printer

It is a perfect tool for designing and decorating your garden which is not less important than the rooms of your home. It provides you with different objects that help you when you design your garden such as walls, plants and pieces of furniture.


11. Google SketchUp

It is a free 3D virtual design software that allows you to design and decorate your home easily. It provides you with tips and video tutorials to be able to use the program easily. You can find models that are already designed and from which you can get help and you can also share your work with your friends on the internet.


12. Room Arranger

It helps you to arrange the rooms of your home especially by using pieces of furniture and it provides you with objects to choose from them and try them on your virtual design. You can use the application as a trial version for a limited period of time ( 30 days )  for free.

room arranger.

13. Better Homes and Gardens Color A Room

In order to be able to use this virtual design software, you will need to sign up to be a member and thus you will be allowed to try different colors to the rooms of your home.

better g

14. Virtual Room Designer

It provides you with virtual designs for each room in your home. For designing the rooms virtually, you will need first to choose the type of the room that you will design and after that you can choose a style to your room, paint color, floors, ceiling and other parts that need to be designed.

15. Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer

It allows you to virtually paint the walls inside or outside your home to see how they will look in reality. It allows you to work online or to download the program on your computer for free to be able to work on it without the need to use the internet.


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