Top 15 Ugliest Animals

Ugliest animals when we hear these words, we imagine extremely giant animals which could terrify us; but the most ugly animals could be small but have the power to make you feel terrified or do not dare to see it more than one time. These ugly animals have a bad look, but certainly this look do not affect its natural roles in the world of animals.


The proboscis monkey is a reddish-brown monkey which is known by its long nose. This nose is a honk with which the monkey communicates and it straightens during every honk.

very ugly

The star-nosed mall it is found in the wet areas in Canada, it uses the hairless nose in identifying food, worms and insects. Its nose is star-shaped of 22 fleshy tentacles, these tentacles are very sensitive which could even sense the electricity.


The Philippine tarsier, it could measure as 15 cm (6 inches)  and it has a very big eyes which could be bigger than its brain; this which make it look weird.


The naked mole rat is found in east Africa. They live underground and use their teeth in making holes also they eat the underground plants. They live in colonies like the  bees and they also have a queen which has the responsibility of the production.

Here are some images of other ugly animals


ugly bulldog

Juvenile Spectacled Owl



ugliest dog in the world




ugly animal

ugly animals

ugly animal funny ugly animals

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