Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

To many, Christmas is the best time of the year. It is a holiday that bears the essence of magic. And part of its magical ambiance is created by Christmas decorations, from perfumed candles, woodland creatures, stockings stuffed with gifts, to the Nativity set and Santa sculptures, Christmas trees, and their decorations. We all know that luxury Christmas decorations can get quite expensive, but have you ever thought to what extent? Following, Pouted U.S. lifestyle magazine presents 15 of the most expensive Christmas decorations that range from expensive to insanely expensive.

15 Jo Malone Christmas crackers [$48 each]

You could use the gifts of your guests as decoration elements by placing them on the dinner table. So, be creative while selecting them. Among the high-end, joyous gifts, are the Christmas crackers of Jo Malone. They consist of Basil & Neroli Body Crème, English Pear & Freesia Cologne, and Blackberry & Bay Body & Hand Wash, wrapped in elegant boxes with ribbons. A cracker of Jo Malone costs $48.

Jo-Malone-Christmas-crackers-675x405 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Jo-Malone-Christmas-crackers-2-675x418 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

14 Dior Cannage Montaigne dinner plate [$166]

Dinner plates are an essential element of the Christmas table look. Therefore, you need to pay great attention while selecting them. Look for unusual, beautiful plates that bear Christmas themes and decorations. This luxurious dinner plate of Dior is a perfect fit for the holiday decorations. It is made of white porcelain and has gold geometric patterns known as cannage. The single plate comes at a price of $166.

Dior-Cannage-Montaigne-dinner-plate-675x450 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Dior-Cannage-Montaigne-dinner-plate-2 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

13 Louis Vuitton Dehors Il Neige Perfumed Candle [$580]

Scented candles are almost always present in Christmas decorations for a good reason. Their beautiful scents can get you right into the magical Christmas atmosphere. This luxurious candle from Louis Vuitton is perfect for Christmas, bearing woody, fruity, spicy scents of pine needles, raspberries, cinnamon, and star anise. The candle holder also looks Christmasy, being white with a gold top cover. It costs $580.

Christmas-decoration-Louis-Vuitton-Dehors-Il-Neige-Perfumed-Candle Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Christmas-decoration-Louis-Vuitton-Dehors-Il-Neige-Perfumed-Candle-2-675x380 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

12 Cire Trudon Nazareth scented candle [$600]

Another luxurious holiday perfumed candle is Nazareth from Cire Trudon. It comprises smells of cinnamon, orange, and clove. The led of the candle is a masterpiece with its breathtaking design and combination of precious stones. Just imagine it glowing in its wine red holder. So Christmasy, isn’t it? The outstanding candle was a limited edition that came out of a collaboration with French couture jeweler Gripoix.

christmas-decoration-Cire-Trudon-Nazareth-scented-candle-675x675 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

11 Hansa Toys’ Nordic Reindeer 65” [$1,000]

This beautiful piece is part of Hansa Toys’ collection “Portraits in Nature” of life-like, plush animals. The 65” Nordic Reindeer could work as a Christmas decoration piece or as a toy for your kids to play with. However, considering its whopping price of $1,364, we are more into the former use.

Christmas-decoration-Hansa-Toys’-Nordic-Reindeer-65”-675x844 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

10 Nativity Set… of Swarovski [$3324] 

Sculptures of the Nativity set are a quite popular Christmas decoration that you can indeed get at lower prices than that of this one. The three-piece, hand-sculpted Nativity Set is unique with its beautiful lines. Plus, the luxurious piece is covered with Swarovski and painted in gold.

Christmas-decoration-Nativity-Set-Swarovski-1-675x381 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

9 A mince pie [$4,551]

I think we all agree that Christmas food is such a practical part of the Christmas decoration. Mince pies are quite a popular holiday dish in the U.K. Hence, a talented chief decided to go extra creative and prepared an ultra-delicious mince pie of rare ingredients including manuka honey and goji berries. Wait! Have we forgotten to tell you? He topped it off with gold leaf decoration. The fantastic mince pie was worth £3,500.

Christmas-mince-pie-675x467 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

8 Rebekah Chol’s Swarovski wrapping paper [$7,550]

Rebekah Chol, a London-based company for gift wrapping, has moved gift wrapping paper into a whole new level. It came up with such a luxurious wrapping paper with Swarovski crystals spread all over it. Can you imagine what a gift should be when only its wrapping costs $7,549? We bet that you will never be able to think of wrapping paper as a simple compliment for the gift anymore.

Christmas-decoration-Rebekah-Chol-Swarovski-wrapping-paper-Star-Mail-675x447 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

7 A Victorian Christmas card [$29,260]

This one is not exactly a Christmas home decoration. Yet, Christmas cards are decorations too, but for precious relationships. The historical Christmas card was “one of the first sent in Britain,” as the BBC mentions. Only 12 of one thousand cards of these are known to have made it into our present. It is a simple card that was probably of low cost at its time. However, it was sold at £22,500 in an auction in 2001.

Victorian-Christmas-card-675x380 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

6 Mark Hussey’s diamond Christmas bauble [136,000]

We all know that the Christmas tree decoration can get quite expensive, especially when the decorative pieces are hand made or made of precious stones or metals. However, have you ever imagined a single bauble costing $136,000?  The jeweler Mark Hussey the brain behind this insanely costly bauble. He designed it to include 500 diamonds, three of which are big-sized, one carate each. Plus, two elegant, thin rings of rubies crossing each other circle the bauble.

Christmas-decoration-baubel-675x500 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

5 Mark Hussey’s Christmas Crackers [$150,000]

Again, Mark Hussey comes up with luxurious Christmas pieces. They are a set of six crackers with cuffs embellishment that includes a one-carate diamond and 60 rubies for each cracker. The set cost $150.000, and no gifts are inside them. Now Jo Malone’s Christmas crackers seem quite cheap, aren’t they?

Mark-Hussey-Christmas-Crackers Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

4 Diamond-encrusted Christmas star [$950,000]

Like shining beacons, Christmas stars top Christmas trees. However, the shiniest of them all is of gold and silver with 281 diamonds of different sizes, plus a big, 5-carate piece right in the middle. The creator of the glamorous Christmas tree is 77 Diamonds, an online jeweler based in London.

Diamond-Christmas-star Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Diamond-Christmas-star-1 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

3 Ginza Tanaka’s 18” gold Santa [$1.6 Million]

Have you doubted the presence of Santa, as a primary theme of Christmas, on the list? Well, it is not a normal Santa. It is made of solid gold that weighs 20 kg. His beautiful shiny bag is of hold wiring, and the belt includes diamond pieces. Gold Santa was a creation of the Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka, and its value reached $1.6 million.

Christmas-decoration-Ginza-Tanaka-18”-gold-Santa Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

2 Pasi Jokinen-Carter’s Christmas wreath [$4.6 Million]

Who would have thought that the second most expensive Christmas piece known so far is a wreath? A huge tree, for example, would have made more sense, wouldn’t it? The $4.6-million wreath was made by the Fennish floral designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter. It features 40 diamonds and rubies spread throughout its beautiful white flowers and green leaves.

Pasi-Jokinen-Carter-Christmas-wreath-675x475 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Christmas-decoration-most-expensive-Christmas-wreath-675x450 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

1 Kempinski Hotel Bahia’s Christmas tree [$15.48 Million]

We bet many of you guessed that the most expensive Christmas piece on the list would be a Christmas tree. No wonder, for such huge decoration pieces could get extremely costly if you decided to invite diamonds and gold into their decorations. The tree is for Kempinski Hotel Bahia in Marabella, Spain. The handmade baubles are of 24-carate gold and diamond dust.

Kempinski-Hotel-Bahia-Christmas-tree-675x450 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Kempinski-Hotel-Bahia-Christmas-tree-2-675x675 Top 15 Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

We are glad that you joined us on this fascinating tour in the land of luxury Christmas decorations. However, the magic of Christmas decorations is about how beautiful, not how much are they. So, get your mind and senses ready and decorate your home beautifully.

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