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15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

Definitely, we all would always love to decorate our own places with a fancy theme. However, making your home look impressive and extravagant can require a big fortune and surely, not everyone can afford such expensive decorations. On the other hand, your home is the place where you take a break from the daily hustle you encounter while performing your duties and responsibilities, so it is really essential that you make it look the best you can. Psychologically, the interior design of an environment can have a great impact on your mood, especially that of a place where you spend a quite long time. As a result, keeping your home as fancy and vibrant is good for your mental health.

The dilemma is that you need to be able to get the decorative materials that you like without having to sacrifice your essential needs or messing up your whole budget, but we have some great news for you; you do not have to spend a fortune in order to make your place look fantastic; instead, you may just need to add little touches that will give your place a quick and easy makeover. We know that those who would not want to mess up their budget will not also hire an interior designer to get things done, however, some people only trust design experts when it comes to decorating your own home. Experts of interior design and decoration do not usually advise people to change their whole furniture and place’s theme in order to feel a makeover, but instead, they have some tricks and secrets that can make your place as perfect as you would ever wish it to be. If you are one of those who loves taking advice from design experts, you are at the right place, for we have brought you the best tips and pieces of advice from design experts that will turn your home into a piece of heaven.

Spend your money wisely

That is a piece of advice taken from Kevin McCloud. He is addressing all of those who are up to doing DIY projects to add some creative designs to their places; he advises that before you spend bucks on materials, always think of the things that are going to last forever. Think of the materials that are going to be part of the house’s architectural structure.

interior-design-675x450 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

13 Keep the artworks at the eye level

Well, this advice addresses those who love hanging artworks and portraits on the walls. Nick Olsen’s foremost advice is that you do not have to hang something on each wall; one or two spots will be more than enough. Moving to the important part; when you hang something on the wall, do not hang it too high or too low, just keep it at an eye-level where beholders directly and easily see your artworks without having to raise their heads.

Earthy-minimalist-modern-living-in-autumn-and-neutrals-675x506 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

12 Forget about being fashionable

Sian Astley gives a bit of advice that may sound a cliché for a lot of people, but it is actually one of the best tricks to make you love your home forever. This trick is all about being yourself when it comes to decorating your own place. Still confused what is that supposed to mean? Well, Sian means that the design that you choose to your home should match your personality and interests even when it is not matching the trending designs that are out there. Being concerned with what is trendy and what is not will get you involved in a vicious circle you will not be able to get rid of, for you will always feel the need to redecorate your place every single year, which is not a smart way to keep your budget intact.

Modern-room-featuring-a-Boho-wall-hanging-675x454 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

11 Splash your windows’ trims with colors

Have you ever considered giving your trims a nice spatter of colors? If not, then you should actually do and take by Meg Braff’s tip-in coloring them up. Braff says that coloring the trims of your window in nice splashing shades is the easiest way to make a statement without exerting a lot of effort. What color to use on them is totally up to, just make sure that you are using a shade that is working accordingly with the landscape as well as the scheme of your room.

colored-windows-trims-675x901 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

10 Focus on the center of the room

It seems like Nick Olsen has a lot of tips and tricks that will revamp your room’s design with the slightest changes and the most affordable ways ever. Nick believes that a lot of people adopt the school-dance arrangement when it comes to decorating their rooms; they usually keep every furniture piece pushed against the wall. It is kind of true anyway, but that is not the only thing that Nick thinks of; he also believes that this is not how rooms should always look like. He encourages people to move the furniture closer together and toward the center. That way your room will look and feel cozy and more comfortable.

interior-design-2 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

9 Do not play it safe

This is the tip given by one of the most ambitious and professional interior writers, Sarah Akwisombe. By this advice, Sarah is trying to encourage people to get outside the box and push themselves off the limit; they do not need to arrange their place according to what has been known as the norm or the standards that are put on how a certain room in your place should look like. Redecorating your home is a process of trials and errors, pretty much like everything else. Experiment with everything and see what could be the perfect design for your own place.

unusual-imterior-design-675x828 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

8 Adopt the 50/150 Rule

This rule is the easiest way to have the perfect mixture of colors, besides it is deemed to be a method that is way far from failing. Mary Douglas Drysdale is one of the expertized designers that recommend using this rule. For all the people out there who have no idea what that rule is; it is about choosing a basic color than painting the room in a mixture of 50% of a shade that is lighter than the base and 150% of one that is darker.

interior-design-the-50-150-Rule-675x516 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

7 The Three-Fold Advice

The well-known interior Design Shai DeLuca-Tamasi advises everyone to go with the three-fold. The first thing that you should always consider while giving your place a revamp is to give your space a layer, for that is the best way to make your design look finished. Second thing, you should pay attention to the littlest details because they are the key to having a perfectly designed room. The third pleat is to always try to make your choices of designs look well planned instead of being random.

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6 Go deep in small spaces

Elizabeth Pyne gives a small tip for those who are limited to their small spaces, saying that if your place is relatively small, it does not necessarily have to feel as if it is overcrowded. For example, in your living room, opt for chairs that have small arms and give the room’s square footages to the seats. That way, you will not take up extra space and your place will feel comfortable as well as spacious.

interior-design-small-living-room-675x450 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

5 Gold and silver make a great team

So, are you into adding metal to your design? If yes, then this tip is certainly for you. John De Bastiani is an interior designer who believes that not mixing metallic stuff together is not a trend that should be there for so long. He believes that mixing gold and silver together adds smart finishes to your design, besides; you do not have to stick to only one of them because blending them together proves that they both are partners that are capable of making a great team.

interior-design-Gold-and-silver-675x545 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

4 Go big with dark colors

According to the interior designer based in New York, Garrow Kedigian, picking up a strong tone may add a daunting accent to your place; however, making a dark shade dominant in a room is deemed to be one of the best strategies to make your home look elegant as well as luxurious with the least efforts.

living-room-colors-with-black-furniture-675x380 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

3 Pile the pillows up

Melissa Warner encourages people to have a stack of pillows instead of just settling with one pair. Warner says that a pair of pillows will make your furniture look nice; however, it does not seem sufficient in adding a nice contrast and different textures, so always opt for having two pairs or more if needed, besides, they do not all have to look the same, but make sure they are in accordance with each other in terms of textures, colors, and patterns too.

interior-design-colorful-pillows-675x675 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

2 Basics need to be neutral

Meg Braff believes that giving your basics a neutral tone will make your place look comfortable and energetic as well. That is how Meg Braff describes the neutral and pastel tones; “They are the white T-shirt of the interior design.” Why a white T-shirt? Because they blend well with almost every color and they look in great accordance with however your place is designed. It is the easiest choice to retreat to when you are not sure how to revamp your house without risking failure.

interior-designs-pastels-rose-4-675x1013 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

1 Plan your mirror’s view

Well, this advice is for those who love having hanging mirrors around their place. Expert designers believe that a little tip like being careful about what your mirror reflects can give your place a nice revamp as well as a nice scene.

bedroom-inigo-floor-mirror-loaf-curved-living-contemporary-modern-675x553 15+ Interior Design Tips from Experts in 2022

Giving your place a makeover may sound like a great effort and fat bucks, but it does not have to be that way. All you need is to assess the tips and tricks that are given by the interior designers and see which of them works perfectly with your place and there you go.

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