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Top 15 Fabulous Teen’s Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts are gestures of love and kindness that we make towards our loved ones, families, and friends. However, things get a bit challenging when it comes to picking the right gift for your teen boy or girl. Teenagers can be moody and not easy to satisfy. But it is Xmas, and everyone should be happy at these magical times while saying goodbye to a year and welcoming another. Following, Pouted online lifestyle magazine presents you 15 fabulous teen’s Christmas gifts.

1 A classic novel and books’ scratch-off poster

For teens who love reading, a perfect Christmas gift would be a good book. Sitting to read a classic novel within the warmth of home surrounded with Xmas decorations is indeed a pure joy. However, that is not everything. You could present with the novel a scratch-off poster of the 100 best books. It will encourage your teen to read more and more and help to forge reading as a habit in his/her life.  And make the gift one of the books on the list.

100 books scratch off poster 2 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 1

100 books scratch off poster Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 2

2 Wreck This Journal

It is a creative, unusual journal that was designed to stimulate the creativity of its holder and overcome “the fear of the blank page and fully engage in the creative process,” as stated by Keri Smith, the innovator of the journal. It would make a stunning Christmas gift, especially if paired with the first gift, and presented to a reader who wants to reflect on what s/he reads but fears blank pages.

Wreck This Journal Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 3

Wreck This Journal 2 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 4

3 Puravida friendship bracelets

These adorable bracelets have been a massive trend for a while. Many girls have fallen for these simple, beautiful accessories. The bracelet set can be worn all at once or split between two or more friends. Besides, part of their popularity is because buying them allows buyers to support a good cause, which is helping those who make them, the craftspeople in developing countries.

Puravida Friendship Pack 10 Bracelets e1577472665127 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 5

4 Unstable Unicorns

If your teen is is into card games, you could present her one of the highest-backed and most popular Kickstarter games, the Unstable Unicorn. Stimulating the bad girl aspect within us, on the game cover, the slogan says, “Build a unicorn army. Betray your friends”. As its name and slogan suggest, the game is about building a magical unicorn army with which you start to defeat other players/friends. Well, it is OK to betray friends in a game, just do not get used to it. The game is a best-selling on Amazon too.

Unstable Unicorns card game 2 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 6

Unstable Unicorns card game 1 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 7

5 A home arcade cabinet

It is a bit much and indeed not a usual gift. However, if your teen is an enthusiastic gamer and you can afford it, why not presenting him/her such a mouth-dropping Christmas gift, their own home arcade cabinet. Amazon offers a 5-foot tall one with twelve games, including Astroids, Missile Command, and more.

home arcade cabinet 2 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 8

home arcade cabinet Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 9

6 Long-distance Touch Bracelets

Another bracelet set that makes a fantastic Christmas gift for a teenager is these long-distance touch bracelets. The twin bracelets are meant to be split on two; whenever one of the two touch his/her bracelet, the other piece lights up and vibrates.

long distance touch bracelet Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 10

7 Wireless charging pad

Teens, and almost everyone, like to spend hours holding their phones, whether listening to music, chatting, or skimming new feeds on different social media outlets. Therefore, an elegant wireless charging pad would make a practical, handy Christmas gift.

Wireless charging pad Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 11

Wireless charging pad 2 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 12

8 Apple Airpods Pro

Not many things can beat those new AirPods from Apple. They are an ideal Christmas gift for someone who loves listening to music, whether at home or while wandering or running on the roads. Apple AirPods Pro is quite comfortable to wear and possesses impressive features, including noise-canceling, transparency mood, water resistance. Plus, they are available in three sizes.

Apple Airpods Pro Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 13

Apple Airpods Pro 2 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 14

9 Tickets to a favorite event

These are an amazing personalized gift idea and, thus, among the best. Nothing pleases dear ones like showing them you remember what they love and present it to them. So, if there is any near favorite event to your teen, present him/her tickets to attend it. The event could be a concert, a sports match, a good movie, etc.

event tickets Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 15

10 The DIY Henna Tattoo kit

With the Henna tattoo kit, your teen girls can groom themselves with temporary, easy-to-apply-and-remove tattoos. She is going to love it, and it will provide her and her friends with so much fun. The fake tattoos created are pain-free. Henna Tattoo also saves your girl the commitment to a real tattoo at this young age. The kit includes enough henna for 20-30 designs, depending on their sizes and amount of details and lines requited.

DIY Henna Tattoo kit Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 16

11 A map mug to color

This one is a suitable Christmas gift for those who love traveling. The mug has a map, could be of the world or US, and the owner starts to color the places that s/he has been to, or they dream of visiting. It encourages its holder to travel and explore new things and places, things many teens are already into. The mug is microwave safe, which makes it a practical choice too.

color map mugs e1577476655588 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 17

12 Color-changing string lights with remote control

Simple curtain string lights are enough to turn any place joyful and Christmasy, but how about color-changing string light with remote control with which you can switch between sixteen colors and four moods. You can power it with a battery or USB port. Plus, it is safe to use and waterproof. It is a great option to consider.

Color changing string lights e1577477436716 Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 18

Curtain string lights Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 19

13 Mini instant camera

It is the Xmas, meaning many beautiful moments need capturing. So, a mini instant camera seems one right call. The best thing about instant cameras is that you get the photo right after shooting. Just make sure it is of high quality to work properly and produce good photos.

Mini instant camera Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 20

14 Wireless Karaoke microphone

This one is for those into singing. It is a wireless Bluetooth Karaoke microphone. So, all you need is to connect your phone to the microphone, using cable or Bluetooth. Then, simply open the singing app on the phone. The Bluetooth module is compatible with a variety of singing applications. So, you do not have to worry that it would be limited to a specific app.

Wireless Karaoke microphone Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 21

15 A blanket sweatshirt

This cozy oversized blanket-like sweatshirt is perfect for the wintery atmosphere of Christmas. They are quite trendy, comfy, and available in a variety of colors. Go for a beautiful Christmas shade, whether red, green, yellow, blue, etc.

blanket sweatshirt Top 15 Fabulous Teen's Christmas Gifts - 22

These were some fabulous gift ideas for teenagers. We hope that you have found among them what suits your dearest teen. Click here for more Xmas related topics. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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