Top 15 3D Design Software

3D design software applications allow and help you to imagine your project, design, modify,model and demonstrate it as a prototype that looks exactly like the real project after being established. Before the appearance of 3D software programs, designer were forced to make every thing on their own and they had to prepare many and different sketches for their designs to choose only one and to  finally achieve a well designed object. 3D software applications have come to save the designer’s money, time and effort. They are widely used in many different fields and their use increases rapidly to find them used in advertisements, movies, games, products, scientific researches and in architecture. 3D software applications are found in different prices and levels. You can find easy 3D applications which are designed for the beginners as an introduction to the most difficult and advanced applications for professionals. There are also some 3D software applications that are very expensive and this is because they present many tools and features that help professional to produce high end designs. To help you to find a 3D design software that suits your needs and requirements, we present to you some of the best 3D design software programs that are used in different fields and with different levels.

1. Google SketchUp

It is a perfect 3D modeling software that allows you to export and import models, modify designs, apply colors and textures easily and directly on your model and provides your model with shadows that show the location of the sun and where it falls in the place of your model and above all, it is easy to be used.


2. Autodesk 3ds Max

It is presented to professionals and provide with them with many helpful tools. It is good for mapping, modelling, controlling, modifying and rendering.

Autodesk 3ds Max

3. Autodesk Maya 

It is perfect for professionals and presents many tools for modelling, animation and rendering in addition to video tutorials that show you how to use this software.


4. Blender 

A 3D design software for modelling, animation and rendering. Blender provides you with different tools and tips that allow you to easily use it.


5. Cinema 4D

This is a perfect for professionals who work in many fields such as architects, film makers, scientists and advertisements’ designers. It is characterized by its high speed and provides you with the needed tools for designing and creating 3D video animations.


6. Art of Illusion

It provides you with the necessary tools for modelling, animation and designing textures and materials and this software is completely written in java.

art of illu

7. AC3D

This software is used for designing 3D objects and scenes and it can be easily used without difficulties. It is good for designing games and homes and it provides the user with many helpful tools and features such as navigation, snapshots for images and multiple views and windows for the models.


8. Modo

It is a perfect software for designing, painting, animation and rendering works. It provides you with different tools to be easily used and it is very fast to save time.


9. Strata 3D CX

This software can be used for designing and creating images, illustration and animation and the software can be easily linked to phtotshop and illustrator.


10. BodyPaint 3D

It provides you with all the tools that are needed for editing images to create a 3D video with movements and effects and the software helps you to directly see your work with being easily used.

body paint.
body paint

11. Poser 

It does not need  a professional to use it and it allows you to create, animate and modify characters to be finally rendered in a video.


12. 3DVIA Shape

One of the easiest 3D software tools that allow you to design and create your own figures. It provides you with tips to teach you how to use it and allows you to share your work online. It is a perfect tool for the beginners as a first step to learn how to use 3D software applications for professionals.


13. DAZ Studio 

It is a 3D software application that is especially designed and presented for beginners. It can be used for designing models and for animation also as you can add effects and movement to your work . It provides you with plugins in case you want to expand your knowledge.


14. Anim8or

A 3D software that allows you to design models and animate them. It is considered to be an introduction to the professional and advanced 3D software applications that need experience to learn the basics of 3D graphics and you will not need to install this application.


15. Realtime Landscaping 

It is a 3D software program that does not need a previous experience in how to use 3D software programs as it is easy to be used. It is used for designing landscapes and allows you to render your work directly and accurately in 3D photos.


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